Adam Sandler Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Adam Sandler Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Adam Richard Sandler was born September 9, 1966 in Brooklyn, New York, to Judith (Levine), a teacher at a nursery school, and Stanley Alan Sandler, an electrical engineer. He is of Russian Jewish descent. At 17, he took his first step towards becoming a stand-up comedian when he spontaneously took the stage at a Boston comedy club. He found he was a natural comic. He nurtured his talent while at New York University (graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1991) by performing regularly in clubs and at universities. During his freshman year, he snagged a recurring role as the Huxtable family’s friend Smitty on The Cosby Show (1984). While working at a comedy club in L.A., he was “discovered” by Dennis Miller, who recommended him to Saturday Night Live (1975) producer Lorne Michaels and told him that Sandler had a big talent. This led to his being cast in the show in 1990, which he also wrote for in addition to performing. After Saturday Night Live (1975), Sandler went on to the movies, starring in such hit comedies as Airheads (1994), Happy Gilmore (1996), Billy Madison (1995) and Big Daddy (1999). He has also starred in Mr. Deeds (2002) alongside Winona Ryder; Eight Crazy Nights (2002), an animated movie about the Jewish festival of Chanukah; and Punch-Drunk Love (2002). He also writes and produces many of his own films and has composed songs for several of them, including The Wedding Singer (1998). Sandler has had several of his songs placed on the “Billboard” charts, including the classic “The Chanukah Song”.


Interesting Facts about Adam Sandler

  • He was originally set to play taxi driver Max in Collateral (2004), opposite Tom Cruise, but he backed out to work on Spanglish (2004). Jamie Foxx was cast in Collateral (2004) instead. Jamie Foxx went on to be nominated for an Academy Award for the role.
  • In 1988, he was hired as a repertory player for MTV’s TV-trivia game show Remote Control (1987).
  • Spoke at Manchester Central High School’s 2003 graduation, the same school he graduated from. His nephew was one of three Valedictorians that year.
  • Purchased Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s Hollywood home after his wife Jackie Sandler fell in love with the place during a New Year’s Eve party there (her best friend is Erinn Bartlett, Goldie’s daughter-in-law). [2004]
  • Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6262 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on February 1, 2011. At the ceremony were his wife, Jackie Sandler, their daughters Sadie and Sunny, Henry Winkler and Kevin James.
  • Good friends with comedians Chris Rock, Norm MacDonald, David Spade, Steven Brill, Chris Farley and Rob Schneider.
  • He often has big name casts in his movies. This is arguably due to the high box office of his movies and the fact that he is generally known to be a nice, friendly man to work with.
  • According to Forbes magazine, for each dollar he got paid, his movies averaged $9 of gross income. [September 2007]
  • Was considered for the role of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), which went to Johnny Depp.
  • Son of Stan Sandler and Judith Sandler.
  • Is referred to in American Reunion (2012). See quotes for that movie.
  • Became a father for the second time at age 42 when his wife Jackie Sandler gave birth to their daughter Sunny Madeline Sandler on November 2, 2008.

Personal Quotes by Adam Sandler

I’m 31 now. I think I’m beginning to understand what life is, what romance is, and what a relationship means.

- Adam Sandler

A lot of critics object to what I do, but I got into comedy to make people laugh, and I’ve always worked hard.

- Adam Sandler

Feels good to try, but playing a father, I’m getting a little older. I see now that I’m taking it more serious and I do want that lifestyle.

- Adam Sandler

You know, when you don’t go on TV and talk about how many women you sleep with, some people in Hollywood, that are supposedly ‘in the know,’ start whispering that you’re gay. If I were gay, I wouldn’t be ashamed to admit it, but I’m not.

- Adam Sandler

How do I speak Spanish? Not too well.

- Adam Sandler