Adrian Grenier Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Adrian Grenier Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Adrian Grenier was born on July 10, 1976 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA as Adrian Sean Grenier. He is an actor and producer, known for The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Entourage (2004) and Entourage (2015).


Interesting Facts about Adrian Grenier

  • Trained at Bard College and with Nancy Hillman.
  • Plays piano, guitar and drums.
  • Drummer for the band The Honey Brothers.
  • Met Bringing Rain (2003) director Noah Buschel through a mutual ex- girlfriend.
  • His father, John Miles Dunbar, was born in Ohio, and has English, Irish, Scottish, and German ancestry. His mother, Karesse Grenier, was born in New Mexico, to a family of Mexican descent (Spanish, with some Indigenous), as well as a smaller amount of French ancestry. The word “Grenier” is the equivalent of “attic” in French.
  • Played a member of the entourage of the movie star character played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Celebrity (1998). Later, he starred in the TV series Entourage (2004), in which he played a movie star with an entourage of his own.
  • He was raised by his mother, Karesse Grenier, a New York City real estate agent. Growing up, he didn’t know who his father was. His parents met while living in a commune, and split up soon after Adrian’s birth. The documentary Shot in the Dark (2002) covers Adrian’s search to find out who his father was, meet and get to know him. Also involved in the film, as both producer and on-camera interviewer, was Adrian’s friend Jonathan Davidson.
  • Has been in a movie directed by Ari Gold (Adventures of Power (2008)) and in a series with a character named Ari Gold (Entourage (2004)).
  • Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and raised in Manhattan, New York.
  • Former lead singer of the band ‘Kid Friendly.’
  • Cousin of actor Evan Ferrante.
  • Attended the famous NYC “FAME”, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, where he studied Drama.

Personal Quotes by Adrian Grenier

My family is mostly a chosen one. I’ve managed to invite some really amazing people into my life and they become family. Brothers, sisters, siblings, mentors, role models. And I like to live that way, where your family bleeds out into the larger community.

- Adrian Grenier

Certainly, if it had been anything other than an HBO show I’d probably still be in Mexico now with a Mexican wife and kids.

- Adrian Grenier

Being performers, that’s what we do: We put on shows and want people to watch.

- Adrian Grenier

I have always chosen roles that I believed in – not ones that I thought might further my career.

- Adrian Grenier

I was rebellious.

- Adrian Grenier