Adrianne Palicki Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Adrianne Palicki Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Adrianne Palicki was born on May 6, 1983 in Toledo, Ohio, to Nancy (French) and Jeffrey Palicki. Her father is of Polish and Hungarian descent, and her mother is of English and German ancestry. Adrianne graduated from Whitmer High School. She did not take the stage in her first play until she was a sophomore at Whitmer High School. While in high school, she played basketball and ran track, and was runner-up for homecoming queen. She was a series regular on the first three seasons of NBC’s drama series Friday Night Lights (2006). She has since starred of co-starred in the films Legion (2010), Red Dawn (2012) and G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013).

Interesting Facts about Adrianne Palicki

  • Maternal granddaughter of Donald Carl French (son of Carl Clarence French and wife Mildred Kathryn White, paternal grandson of James Carl French and wife Lillian Carson Bordine and maternal grandson of Ernest Benjamin White and wife Katherine C. Hagaman) and wife Lola Mae Heck (daughter of Edward Godfrey Michel Heck and wife Wilhelmina “Minnie” Louisa Johanna Zimmerman). Lola was of German descent. Edward was the son of Christian Frederick “Christ” Heck, of German descent, whose father was from Baden, Germany, and wife Caroline or Carolina “Carrie” Meyer, of German descent, whose parents were from Baden, Germany, and maternal granddaughter of Albert Carl Christian Zimmerman, of German descent, and wife Fredericka or Frederike Augusta Christina Zingleman or Zingelman, of German descent).
  • Daughter of Jeffrey Arthur Palicki and wife Nancy Lee French.
  • Was a runner-up for homecoming queen at Whitmer High School.
  • Has on older brother, Eric Palicki, who is a comic book writer.
  • She worked at Togo’s as a sandwich maker when she first got to Los Angeles.
  • She has starred in three different productions featuring members of DC Comics’ Justice League. She played a fellow Krypton native and ally of Clark Kent/Superman in an episode of Smallville (2001), she played a villain in the aborted “Aquaman” series, and she played Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in a 2011 pilot that was not picked up for a series.Two years later, Gal Gadot successfully won the role of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and other live action theatrical films involving the DC Extended Universe.
  • Ranked #79 on Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 of 2007 list.
  • Has a tattoo of her parents’ names, Jeff and Nancy, on her arm.
  • Paternal granddaughter of Arthur Jerome Palicki (son of Robert C. Palicki (b. Ohio, son of Polish parents) and wife Anna R. Katafias (b. Ohio, daughter of Poliush parents) and wife Margaret Ann Hunyor (daughter of Stephen Louis Hunyor (b. Ohio) and wife Margaret Tresso or Treso (b. Ohio), paternal granddaughter of Louis Hunyor (b. Hungary, Austria-Hungary) and wife Barbara or Bertha Olah (b. Hungary, Austria-Hungary) and maternal granddaughter of John Tresso (b. Hungary, Austria-Hungary) and wife Angeline Smith (b. Hungary, Austria-Hungary).
  • Attended and graduated from Whitmer High School in 2001.
  • (July 22, 2019) Filed for divorce from her husband of 2 months Scott Grimes.
  • She is the daughter of Nancy (née French) and Jeffrey Palicki. Adrianne’s paternal grandfather, Arthur Palicki, was of Polish descent, and Adrianne’s paternal grandmother, Margaret Hunyon, was of Hungarian ancestry. Adrianne’s mother is of English and German descent.

Personal Quotes by Adrianne Palicki

I’m not into girls.

- Adrianne Palicki

My favorite action movie growing up was ‘Supergirl.’ It wasn’t good by any stretch of the imagination, but it was my favorite because I wanted to be her. I have a Supergirl tattoo.

- Adrianne Palicki

I would love to play Wonder Woman on the big screen.

- Adrianne Palicki

I was the kid growing up who would play with G.I. Joes in a pink dress and then run off to play with my Barbies. It doesn’t mean that I’m less girly, it just means that I have this other side of me. It’s kinda cool to be a little bit of both, I think.

- Adrianne Palicki

I’m naturally athletic, and I think playing strong, female roles just kind of happened.

- Adrianne Palicki