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Adrienne Lawrence is an ESPN analyst and sports anchor. Recently she has come forward against John Buccigross claiming that he repeatedly made unwanted sexual advances towards her.

Adrienne Lawrence was born on 1984 in Sacramento, California. Professionally she is lawyer, sports analyst and anchor. She graduated with a criminal justice degree from California University-Sacramento in 2003. She then attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2005 while she earned her law degree from George Washington University in 2008. In 2015, she studied Journalism at the University of Southern California.

Before she made her name in sports industry, she worked as an attorney for law firms in Washington D.C. and then in Los Angeles. From 2011 to 2012, she worked as a litigation associate at McGuire Woods supervising more than 45 attorneys. From 2012 to 2015, she then worked as an associate at Greenberg Traurig.  She has also taught criminal law, torts and criminal justice as an adjunct professor at Strayer University.

Adrienne Lawrence and John Buccigross

Adrienne Lawrence who worked nearly 2 years at ESPN filed a complaint against ESPN back in December 2017 saying that John Buccigross sent her inappropriate messages and shirtless photos.

According to Lawrence, John Buccigross send her text messages calling her dollface, dreamgirl and longlegs. She also added there were rumors in the office that she was in relationship with Buccigross.

She also raised the accusations against ESPN’s male executives saying: “they keep scorecards which lists and rank female ESPN colleagues based on sexual attraction”. According to her, “Men at ESPN watch porn in the office, ogle their female colleagues, openly describe female celebrities with whom they would like to have sex and then wonder what those celebrities taste like during sex”.

Adrienne told Boston Globe that she complained about the harassment to her advisor but she was advised to drop the matter. In response to that ESPN released the statement on their investigation. They also denied that she was fired because of her incident against Buccigross. Statement by ESPN said:

“We conducted a thorough investigation of the claims Adrienne Lawrence surfaced to ESPN and they are entirely without merit, Ms. Lawrence was hired into a two-year talent development program and was told that her contract would not be renewed at the conclusion of the training program. At that same time, ESPN also told 100 other talent with substantially more experience, that their contracts would not be renewed. The company will vigorously defend its position and we are confident we will prevail in court.”

Interesting Facts about Adrienne Lawrence