Andre The Giant Net Worth

Andre The Giant Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

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How often do you watch wrestling? I guess, most of the time if you love watching it then Andre The Giant is no stranger for you. He was a professional wrestler and actor who was from France. He was born on May 19, 1946, as Andre Rene Roussimoff and Andre The Giant was only his professional or stage name.

Wrestler Andre The Giant was best for his role as Fezzik, the giant in the film The Princess Bride. He was called as The Eighth Wonder of the World due to his enormous size. But unfortunately, he is not with us and died on 27 January 1993.

Here are some facts about Andre The Giant :

1. Andre The Giant net worth estimated to be $10 million.

Andre The Giant net worth was around $10 million until his death. Andre The Giant had gained the fame due to his huge size and his potential to fight in the ring. This was the main reason behind his income. He used to get his training at night and fight in the daytime to earn for living expenses. This shows his hard work to achieve something.

During his lifetime, he had earned fame, money, and respect. Key to his success was his belief in himself and dedication towards wrestling. He had earned his money through his wrestling career as well as acting career.

2. Andre The Giant had his own restaurant in France.

Andre was able to eat a lot in one sitting. We can count him as one of the foodie people who loves having finest foods and wines. He was fond of having foods and was very known to best restaurants in every city where he had visited. Not only this, due to his passion for having good foods he owned a French restaurant in Montreal named as Le Picher.

3. Andre’s first role was not in the movie The Princess Bride.

Andre was well known for his role as a giant in the movie The Princess Bride but very few people know this was not his first role in his acting career.His first acting career started with the television series The Six Million Dollar Man in 1976. BJ and The Bear, The Fall Guy, and The Greatest American Hero were some of the 70s television show where he appeared.

4. Andre was stranger to his parents.

To search the employment opportunity he left home at the age of 14. After being the professional wrestler he visited his parents at the age of 19. When he knocked the door of this house his parents couldn’t recognize him as their son and was like the stranger to them. After he described his wrestling career to them, they realized they have seen him in the television fighting against opponents inside the ring.

5. Numbers of anesthesia was not sure for Andre’s surgery.

Doctors had no idea about numbers of anesthesia can be used for Andre in his surgery. So doctors asked about his alcohol tolerance and used anesthesia accordingly. Usually, 2 liters of vodka will make him warm inside.

Interesting Facts about Andre The Giant