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Angelo Boffa Wiki: Facts About Sharon Stone’s New Boyfriend

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Angelo Boffa Wiki

Angelo Boffa is the new person to be involved in Sharon Stone’s life. Recently, the pair were seen at a Miami Beach enjoying their romantic time.

Very little information is known about Angelo Boffa but what we know is that he is an Italian entrepreneur and real estate investor. He is very much younger than Sharon Stone who is currently 60 years old.

His Instagram account has barely reached 1000 followers but he is no stranger to hanging out with famous people. In-fact there are pictures of him hanging out with famous persons like Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi and Heidi Klum.

Sharon Stone and Angelo Boffa confirmed their relationship last January by sharing a kiss while attending the premiere of Mosaic in New York City.

Recently, they were spotted in a Miami Beach where Sharon was spotted with a diamond ring on her finger. Rumors were circulating that Sharon might be engaged.

If Sharon and Botta walk down the aisle, this will be the third marriage for Sharon Stone. She was previously married to Michael Greenburg in 1984 but their divorce was finalized in 1990.

Her second marriage with Phil Bronstein also didn’t last much longer. They married on Valentine’s Day in 1998 but that only lasted for only 5 years. Let’s see where this relationship goes.

Interesting Facts about Angelo Boffa