Barbi Benton Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Barbi Benton Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Barbi Benton was born on January 28, 1950 in New York City, New York, USA as Barbara Lynn Klein. She is an actress, known for X-Ray (1981), The Love Boat (1977) and Fantasy Island (1977). She has been married to George Gradow since October 14, 1979. They have two children.


Interesting Facts about Barbi Benton

  • Father is a doctor in Carmichael, California.
  • At least two spreads in Playboy.
  • Her first TV appearances were on the syndicated show, Playboy After Dark (1969), where she functioned as beau Hugh Hefner’s co-host/sidekick.
  • (1969-1976) Lived with Hugh Hefner
  • Has became an Interior Decorator [2002]
  • Is portrayed by Rebecca Herbst in Hefner: Unauthorized (1999)
  • Her husband, George Gradow, is a real estate developer.
  • Moved to Los Angeles when she was 16 and found some jobs modeling. Barbi met and started a relationship with Hugh Hefner in 1968, when she was only 18 years old. Hef was 42.
  • Her father was a military doctor and later physician.
  • Despite her love liaison with Playboy Magazine’s Hugh Hefner, Benton never was a Playmate of the Month, though she did appear on some covers and in various pictorials
  • She recorded country and pop albums.
  • Has a son Alexander Benton Gradow (b. August 23, 1986) and a daughter, Ariana Gradow (b. 1988), with husband George Gradow.

Personal Quotes by Barbi Benton

Anybody that was famous found their way to the Playboy Mansion. It was exciting for me. But I didn’t know half of them!

- Barbi Benton

Hef was very protective of the women who went to the Mansion.

- Barbi Benton

It took me five years to learn how to sing.

- Barbi Benton

People automatically assume that if I get anywhere it’s because of my association with X, Y or Z, or because I’m pretty.

- Barbi Benton

I was also dating someone from UCLA and also I had another suitor, Jimmy Caan. So it was between my college boyfriend, Jimmy Caan and Hef. And Hef won. Within a few months, we were exclusive.

- Barbi Benton