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Bebe was born August 30, 1989 in Brookly, New York to Albanian parents. In 2010, Rexha met Pete Wentz and her professional career in music started. In 2015, Bebe released her debut studio album I Don’t Wanna Grow Up followed by All Your Fault: Pt. 1 in 2017. She won several BMI London Awards and is currently preparing for All Your Fault Tour which will start in March 2017. She still definitely has a great career ahead of her.

She was raised by Flamur and Bukurije Rexha in New York alongside her brother, Florent. Her father moved to the US from Albania when he was 21 and her mother, though born in New York, grew up in an Albanian family. She began a relationship with cinematographer Keyan Safyari in 2020.

She co-wrote and performed the hook for the 3x-platinum single “Hey Mama” by David Guetta, Nicki Minaj and Afrojack and the song was nominated for a Billboard Music Award for Top Dance/Electronic Song.

Bebe Rexha Wikipedia Net Worth
Looking good: Bebe Rexha is hot in front of the camera. The successful pop singer has many admirers.

Interesting Facts about Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha has a net worth of 6000000 US dollars.

She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, which translates to 165 cm.

Bebe Rexha is 34 years old as of 2024. She was born in 1989.

Her place of birth is Brooklyn, NY, and her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Bebe Rexha weighs 130 pounds, which is the same as 59 kg.

Personal Quotes by Bebe Rexha

I’m definitely inspired by old hip-hop.

Bebe Rexha

We just recently saw Bruno Mars at the Hollywood Bowl, and he was incredible.

Bebe Rexha

I just want to be a little more real. Maybe I’m a little bit darker than others.

Bebe Rexha

I just don’t let music genres define me.

Bebe Rexha

In the beginning, I found it hard to give my songs away, but now I’ve realised it’s exciting, and it’s only making me better.

Bebe Rexha