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Brooke was born March 16, 1978 in Dallas, Texas. One of her most famous roles was Jessie Owens in Baywatch. Her body measurements were perfect fit for this role demanding lot of exposure in tight swimsuit. Burns played in several movies, such as Urban Decay, The Art of Travel, and Dancing Trees. In 2014, Brooke is hosting TV show Motor City Masters.

Brooke has been involved in various relationships, including with Bruce Wills, John Cusack, James Wilder, Steve Bing, and Brian Quintana before she got married to her ex-husband Julian McMahon who was an actor and a son of the former prime minister of Australia. They got married in 1999 and had a daughter, Madison Elizabeth McMahon, in 2000. The couple separated, and she stayed for a long time before she remarried again in 2013 to Gavin O’Connor, who is a film director. They have a daughter, Declan Welles, who was born in 2017.

Brooke Burns Wikipedia Net Worth
Brooke Burns is success embodied and shines like the star she is.

Interesting Facts about Brooke Burns

Brooke Burns has a net worth of 4000000 US dollars.

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall, which translates to 174 cm.

Brooke Burns is 45 years old as of 2024. She was born in 1978.

Her place of birth is Dallas, TX, and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Brooke Burns wears a bra size 34B.

Personal Quotes by Brooke Burns

I swim all the time at night – I’ve always been a water girl. It’s a black-bottom pool and my pool light was out, and as I’ve done a thousand times I just kind of did a little seal dive. I saw a huge bright light and I literally thought, ‘That’s it.’

Brooke Burns

I’m a Southern girl.

Brooke Burns

OMG, I am a married woman!

Brooke Burns

I’ve been a swimmer and a diver for quite a while. It was something that I think I got too comfortable with, and I dove into my black-bottomed pool and hit the slope from the shallow end to the deep end. And I had a chin to chest paralyzing break.

Brooke Burns

I love being a single mom. But it’s definitely different when you’re dating.

Brooke Burns