Claire Danes Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Claire Danes Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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New Yorker Claire Catherine Danes was born in Manhattan, the daughter of Carla (Hall), a day-care provider and artist, and Christopher Danes, a computer consultant and photographer. She has an older brother, Asa. Her paternal grandfather, Gibson Andrew Danes, was a Dean of the Yale School of Art and Architecture. She is of mostly German and British Isles descent.


Interesting Facts about Claire Danes

  • She and Billy Crudup became a couple during the filming of Stage Beauty (2004).
  • Was in attendance at the wedding of Mamie Gummer to Benjamin Walker on July 16, 2011.
  • Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6541 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on September 24, 2015.
  • Auditioned and was the first choice for the role of Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic (1997).
  • Was considered for the title role in Lolita (1997), which went to Dominique Swain.
  • She turned down the role of Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic (1997) as she had just finished working with Leonardo DiCaprio on Romeo + Juliet (1996). Though she described working with him on that film as a “treat”, she admitted in an interview later that if she had accepted the role in Titanic (1997), she would not have been able to get away from him.
  • Engaged to Hugh Dancy. They met on the set of Evening (2007). (September 2009) Married Hugh Dancy in France. [February 2009]
  • Her letter of recommendation to Yale University was written by Oliver Stone, her director on U Turn (1997).
  • She was awarded the Nova Award at the 2007 Maui film Festival.
  • The most frequently used title for articles about her has been “Great Danes”.
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) was the first film Danes did a DVD commentary for.
  • Was banned from the Philippines for making derogatory remarks about the country. The President of the Philippines condemned her publicly. [September 1998]

Personal Quotes by Claire Danes

If I hadn’t been an actress, I was thinking seriously about going into psychology. It’s just really what I’m interested in: the human psyche and how we process information.

- Claire Danes

My go-to gifts are scarves from my friend Matin Maulawizada’s nonprofit organization, Afghan Hands, which supports disenfranchised women in Afghanistan. In exchange for their beautiful embroidery, the women are given financial aid and classes in math and literacy. The scarves are all stunning and one of a kind.

- Claire Danes

I have a huge, active imagination, and I think I’m really scared of being alone; because if I’m left to my own devices, I’ll just turn into a madwoman.

- Claire Danes

There’s certainly something very uncomfortable about the voyeurism involved in being in the press, being an actor, where people have a seemingly insatiable curiosity about, you.

- Claire Danes

I like reading novels because it provides insight into human behavior.

- Claire Danes