Cole Sprouse Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Cole Sprouse Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Cole Mitchell Sprouse was born in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy to American parents, Melanie (Wright) and Matthew Sprouse, and was raised in Long Beach, in their native California. Cole began his acting career alongside his identical twin brother at the tender age of six months. From 1993 to 1998 the twins shared the role of Patrick Kelly on ABC’s hit series Grace Under Fire (1993), soon booking Julian in Adam Sandler’s box office hit, Big Daddy (2000). That same month, their second feature film, The Astronaut’s Wife (1999), starring Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron, was also released. Cole appeared without his brother on the NBC series Friends (1994), portraying Ross’s son Ben Gellar; in the fall of 2003, the brothers again shared a lead role: Jeremiah in The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (2004). After that, Cole began starring alongside his twin in their own half-hour sitcom on the Disney Channel, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (2005). After wrapping his sixth year of this program, Cole chose to attend NYU and remain absent from entertainment until he finished his college education in 2015, graduating with honors. The graduate soon booked the role of Jughead on Riverdale (2017), becoming a fan favorite, and then starred as Will Newman in the box office hit Five Feet Apart (2019), which was one of the highest-grossing non-genre teen movies of the 2010s.

Interesting Facts about Cole Sprouse

  • Currently in Los Angeles. Cole has decided to take the NYU Gallatin course instead of his previous choices. Gallatin gives students the opportunity to design a program of study tailored to their own needs and interests. [February 2011]
  • Nominated for MVP (Most Valuable Player) for week 6 for the Disney Channel Games 2007 for Super Soccer for leading the blue team but didn’t win. He lost to his The Suite Life of Zack and Cody co-star Ashley Tisdale, who was on the red team.
  • Cole stars as Jughead on Riverdale, a show based on the Archie comics. As a child, he appeared on Friends, portraying Ross Geller’s son Ben in seven episodes. In the first of those episodes, an alternate reality from the usual Friends storylines, Chandler is a writer and sells a story to Archie Comics.
  • Although born in Italy, is not of Italian descent. Cole’s American parents moved back to their native California four months after Dylan and Cole were born. His ancestry is English, Scottish, German, and one eighth Danish.
  • His parents are Matthew and Melanie Sprouse.
  • Is fifteen minutes younger than his twin, Dylan.
  • Is an active travel and fashion photographer.
  • His favorite movie is Harold and Maude (1971).
  • Started studying at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. [September 2011]
  • Is a smoker.
  • Worked for Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, California where he is the official event photographer. [April 2011]
  • He has been snowboarding since he was 4 years old.

Personal Quotes by Cole Sprouse

Twins work really well in the industry because child labor laws dictate a baby, as an example, can only work for, like, an hour a day.

- Cole Sprouse

Arrogance sort of destroys that nervousness because you’re having a bunch of people flatter you and tell you you’re awesome, and it keeps you from striving as hard for the kind of validation you seek from a good show.

- Cole Sprouse

I think as long as acting feels fulfilling and continues to feel fulfilling, it’s worth it to me.

- Cole Sprouse

I remember, my very first day at a new school, a bird pooped all down my back. It was like any other day of school except everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, you’re from the movie ‘Big Daddy,” and I had bird poop all over me.

- Cole Sprouse

I studied archaeology.

- Cole Sprouse