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Courtney Wagner Wiki: 5 Facts About Robert Wagner’s Daughter

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Courtney Wagner is the only daughter of the Hollywood actress Natalie Wood and actor Robert Wagner. Her father Robert Wagner has been under the scrutiny following the case of her dead mother Natalie Wood. Natalia’s death was ruled as accidental but it was re-opened in 2011 and now Robert Wagner has been named a person of interest.

Courtney who has faced so many hurdles in her life is a jewelry designer. Here are some of the facts about Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood’s daughter.

1.Her father and Mother had a spooky relationship

Before Robert married first time to Natalie Wood, he had affairs with Yvonne De Carlo, Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor, Anita Ekberg, Shirley Anne, Loris Nelson and Joan Collins. On December 28, 1957, Robert who was 27 years old that time married 19 year-old Natalie Wood. After four years they separated and their divorced was finalized on April 27, 1962.

Wagner then married actress Marion Marshall in 1963. They had a daughter named Katie Wagner. However they got divorced on October 14, 1971 after eight years of marriage.

Robert once again married for second time to Natalie Wood on July 16, 1972. Soon after, their only child Courtney Wagner was born on May 9, 1974.

2.Courtney Wagner has worked as a Jewelry designer

Courtney had worked as a jewelry designer for some years. She is a high end jewelry designer who started “Wagner and Ko” with her childhood friend Anita Ko. Ozzy osbourne has also worn some pieces of her product on his reality show. Actress Cameron Diaz is also a fan of her work.

3.She was once arrested for possession of drugs.

In 2012 when she was 38 years old, she was arrested for coke and heroin possession. It happened in 2012 after she was found in a nasty fight with someone in her house which led to a gun shot. Police were called at her house and she was found in possession of cocaine and heroin. She was arrested on suspicion of felony drug possession.

4.Courtney was 7 years old when her mother died.

On November 29, 1981, her mother Natalie Wood died while boating off Catalina Island with husband Robert Wagner, actor Christopher Walken and boat captain Dennis Davern. Courtney was only 7 years old that time.

After 30 years of Wood’s death, Police have reopened the investigation after Dennis Davern told that fight between Wood and Wagner led to her drowning. Robert is not suspected of causing her death but he has been named a person of interest in the death of Natalie Wood.

5.She enjoys being private

Courtney likes to stay out of the mainstream media. Despite being the daughter of two legendary actors and actress, she keeps her life private. In-fact she doesn’t have any social media accounts.

Interesting Facts about Courtney Wagner