Cristin Milioti Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Cristin Milioti Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Cristin Milioti was born and raised in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. She has Italian, Belgian, Czech, and Irish ancestry, and calls her family “Olive Garden Italian”. In middle school, she found her love of acting at Long Lake Camp for the Arts in New York. She attended Cherry Hill High School East, graduating in 2003. She took acting classes at New York University, but dropped out during her freshman year. However, she is listed in the university’s advertising.

Interesting Facts about Cristin Milioti

  • Graduated from Cherry Hill High School East. [2003].
  • Took acting classes at New York University, giving a notable performance in “A History of Tears”.
  • Her paternal grandfather was of Italian (Sicilian and Calabrian) origin, and Cristin calls her family “Olive Garden” Italian. The rest of her ancestry is Belgian, Czech, Irish, Scottish, and English.
  • Learned to play the bass for her role in How I Met Your Mother (2005).
  • She plays Cancer illness patient, both in “How I met your mother” and in “Fargo” TV Series (Season 2).
  • Cristin was “Sara,” the girl captivated by the Manhattan skyscrapers on the Ford Edge commercial of 2008.
  • Earned a Tony Award nomination in 2012 for her performance originating the role of Girl in the Broadway musical “Once”. Also, first had to learn to play the piano in order to play the part.

Personal Quotes by Cristin Milioti

I used to have a lot of recurring dreams about Captain Hook when I was a little kid, which I remember very vividly. But I think I just really liked Peter Pan a lot, and ‘Hook’ was my favorite movie.

- Cristin Milioti

It’s not often that a strong female role comes across one’s desk, unfortunately, but it’s getting better.

- Cristin Milioti

On film and TV sets, they let you sit down. Theater is like pushing a boulder up a hill each night. It’s a fun boulder, but it’s a boulder.

- Cristin Milioti

What I love about the Coen brothers – what everyone loves – is that they sort of toe the line of a truly dark comedy.

- Cristin Milioti

I think one of the funniest things about ’30 Rock’ is that Liz Lemon is sort of like Buster Keaton – she’s always the fool, the joke is always on her.

- Cristin Milioti