Cyril Ramaphosa Net Worth

Cyril Ramaphosa Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

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Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa is a South African politician and businessman. He has recently been elected as the fifth President of South Africa succeeding Jacob Zuma for the precious post.

Here are some interesting facts about Cyril Ramaphosa:

1. Cyril Ramaphosa net worth is $450 million

Ramaphosa is best known in the public eye as a businessman although he has been active as a politician as a long time as well. According to Forbes Cyril Ramaphosa net worth to be a massive $450 million. (data in 2015)

With such a large bank account, it is of no surprise that he owns 30 properties in Johannesburg, most of them being multi-million dollar mansions. He owns the rights to 145 McDonald’s stores in South Africa. Previously, he has also been chair of the board for MTN, one of the largest telecom networks in Africa.

But he has made the majority of his money through the establishment of the company Shanduka Group. He was the chairman of this company that invests in a large number of important sectors in Africa including Energy, Real Estate, Banking, Insurance, and Telecoms. To focus on his political ambitions, Ramaphosa became a passive member for his company. The total value of his empire is estimated to be $675 million as of 2018. Through the revenues of the company, he also runs the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation.

2. He has been active in politics from his days in University.

Ramaphosa, who was officially elected President on 15 February 2018, has had a long history with politics. This started in University when he joined the Black People’s Convention. He even went to jail in 1974 for protesting gainst the government of that time.

He continued his studies as an attorney along with his political ambitions. He went on to join the Council of Unions of South Africa and eventually started his own union called National Union of Mineworkers.

Over the years in 1991, he was named as Secretary General of the African National Congress. He has gone on to commit to his political interests even though he had a long pause for his business interests after 1997.

3. He was backed by Nelson Mandela to be President.

Cyril Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa is one of the most proactive Africans to have made an impact for the betterment of the continent. His involvement in politics was proclaimed by perhaps the greatest African himself, Nelson Mandela. Mandela saw the potential that Ramaphosa contained and the characteristics of a true leader to transform Africa.

It would have been great motivation for Ramaphosa to have been praised for such a position and it is with this same inspiration that he has carried over the years that has led him to become the President today. He was also included in the 2007 TIME 100, a prestigious list of 100 of the most powerful men and women transforming the world one day at a time.

4. He became Deputy President in 2014

Ramaphosa became the Deputy President on 25 May 2014 to Jacob Zuma. Following the credentials that he had as a businessman, he was elected the Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly.

He was also announced to be the Chairman of the National Planning Commission. This position has been critical to the successful win to be the next President of South Africa as it helped him get all the experience needed in his already full of success filled portfolio.

5. He has a large collection of accolades

Ramaphosa is a true elite. He is one of the rare personalities whose leadership has helped in the progress of his economically as well as being a better country in terms of social works for the contribution that he has made with his foundation.

The world acknowledges the contributions of such people and thus, he has been the recipient of multiple awards. He won the Olof Palme prize in 1987. He was voted 34th in the Top 100 Great South Africans in 2004. He has also received honorary doctorates from the University of Port Elizabeth, the University of Cape Town, and the University of Natal to name a few.

Interesting Facts about Cyril Ramaphosa