Derek Meyer Wiki: Man Who Saved Police Officer During Assault

Derek Meyer

Derek Meyer is the man who came to the rescue of Utah police officer during assault. According to fox13now, a person named Paul Douglas Anderson was assaulting a police officer and Derek Meyer who was passing by that road helped end the savage attack.

The incident happened on 2.p.m. on Friday after an officer spotted a pair of feet dangling from a Tabitha’s Way donation bin along Main Street in Springville. The officer asked him to get out the bin. The person named Paul Douglas Anderson got out of the bin but he kept his hands in his pocket.

The scene went more intense after officer asked Anderson several times to remove his hands from the pocket. When he finally removed his hands, he used them to punch the officer in the face.

It was that when Derek Meyer saw the incident and pulled up behind the police car with an intention to help. At that time, He was driving north on Main Street when he spotted the police lights. According to fox13now, Meyer got out of the car, pointed the gun at Anderson yelling at him to get off the officer and stop assaulting him. When Anderson saw the gun, he stopped and ran off. After some hours, police found him under a flatbed trailer nearby elementary school.

According to Meyer himself, he has a pistol and a concealed-carry permit. He said he trains regularly. He also said: “I carry a gun to protect me and those around me, but primarily I carry a gun to protect my family first and foremost, Outside of that, if I were to use my gun to protect anyone it would be law enforcement or military personnel.”

Anderson was then taken to jail and charged with assault on police officer, resisting arrest, theft, burglary and failure to stop at the command of a police officer.

According to police officer who was at the scene said: “Had he not been in the right place at the right time, who knows what would have happened, But he definitely stopped the attack from continuing and becoming much worse. He might have even saved either one of their lives. It could have gone really bad, even for the suspect.”


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