Dylan Neal Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Dylan Neal Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Dylan Neal was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Shortly thereafter, his family moved to Oakville, just west of Toronto, where he spent the remainder of his childhood. As a young student, he attended the prep school, Appleby College, where he was introduced to the game of squash. Dylan quickly fell in love with the sport and was soon playing for Canada at an international level. Toward the end of his teenage years, after many years of traveling across North America on the amateur squash circuit, Dylan decided a professional squash career was not for him.

Interesting Facts about Dylan Neal

  • He has become known for injuring himself with the filming crew for Gourmet Mysteries. He set his hair on fire during filming the first. Cut his face while filming the second. Sliced his finger during a food cutting scene in the third. And fell and hit a metal post during filming the fifth one. Which required seven stitches.
  • Father, with Becky Southwell, of daughter Bella Neal.
  • Along with Jill Teed, has made guest appearances on the TV series Smallville (2001) and Arrow (2012). Both shows feature Green Arrow as a regular character.