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Embeth Davidtz is a South African and American actress. She is best known for her role as Miss Honey in the 1996 film Matilda. Her other film roles include Schindler’s List, Army of Darkness, Bicentennial Man, Junebug, Mansfield Park, and Fracture. Her television credits include Californication and Mad Men. Born Embeth Jean Davidtz on August 11, 1965 in Lafayette, Indiana, to John and Jean Davidtz, she moved to South Africa when she was young. She has a brother and a sister. She belongs to Dutch, English, and French descent. After graduating from The Glen High School in Pretoria in 1983, she attended Rhodes University in Grahamstown, where she earned her degree. She has been married to Jason Sloane since 2002. They have two children.

She married Jason Sloane, who is an entertainment attorney. The couple had two children together.

She played the wife of Anthony Hopkins’ character in the 2007 film Fracture.

Embeth Davidtz Wikipedia Net Worth
Embeth Davidtz is success embodied and shines like the star she is.

Interesting Facts about Embeth Davidtz

Embeth Davidtz has a net worth of 5000000 US dollars.

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall, which translates to 173 cm.

Embeth Davidtz is 58 years old as of 2024. She was born in 1965.

Her place of birth is Lafayette, IN, and her zodiac sign is Leo.

Embeth Davidtz wears a shoe size 9 (US).

Personal Quotes by Embeth Davidtz

The smartest people I know have that extra edge. The risk is always there that you’ll look terribly undignified and slobbering, and inside I cringe about that, but I should be more aggressive.

Embeth Davidtz

I was amazed at the rosy glow that can be around one when you’re in a film that’s done well.

Embeth Davidtz

I’ve accepted I can’t rely on my work alone; I must market myself. The truly spectacular roles do go to the girls who actively promote their popularity.

Embeth Davidtz