Ethan Hawke Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Ethan Hawke Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Ethan Green Hawke was born on November 6, 1970 in Austin, Texas, to Leslie Carole (Green), a charity worker, and James Steven Hawke, an insurance actuary. His parents were students at the University of Texas at the time but divorced when Ethan was 5 years old. His mother raised him alone for the next five years, moving around the country, until she remarried in 1981 and the family settled in Princeton Junction, New Jersey.


Interesting Facts about Ethan Hawke

  • His first acting role was at McCarter Theater in Princeton, New Jersey, at age 12.
  • Says that he is constantly mistaken for Mark McGrath from the band Sugar Ray so often that he signs autographs as “Mark McGrath” and, apparently, the same thing happens to Mark McGrath who, in turn, signs autographs as “Ethan Hawke” to fans.
  • Has appeared in two film adaptations of Shakespearean plays which were set in the present day: Hamlet (2000) and Anarchy: Ride or Die (2014).
  • Currently resides in New York City. [February 2012]
  • His cat appeared in Lisa Loeb’s music video “Stay (I Missed You)”, which he directed.
  • Stepbrother Patrick Powers is a Green Beret who served a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan, and is currently (late 2006/early 2007) serving a six-month tour in Iraq.
  • Has appeared in eight films directed by Richard Linklater: Before Sunrise (1995), The Newton Boys (1998), Waking Life (2001), Tape (2001), Before Sunset (2004), Fast Food Nation (2006), Before Midnight (2013) and Boyhood (2014).
  • Twice during his 20s, he took a two-year leave of absence, once to attend NYU and study English (he dropped out when a role came up), and then to write a novel.
  • Very good friends with Catalina Sandino Moreno and Julie Delpy.
  • Attended and graduated from the Hun School of Princeton in Princeton, New Jersey (1988).
  • Attended West Windsor-Plainsboro High School in central New Jersey, but is not pictured in the yearbook (1984-1986).
  • To prepare for his role in the film version of Hamlet (2000), he spent the summer before filming attending three study sessions a week with a friend who had played the role on the stage.

Personal Quotes by Ethan Hawke

I was being taken around by a press agent at the Venice Film Festival at age 18. Was it fun? Sure. But it was a dangerous path to be walking on as far as having a substantive life. Because the casualty rate at the Venice Film Festival for 18-year-olds? High.

- Ethan Hawke

When an analogy is really singing, it’s what you want it to be.

- Ethan Hawke

There’s something about knowing life is finite that makes it so precious.

- Ethan Hawke

If you can understand the inner life, then you can wear the uniform, the tattoos, or whatnot and realize that the things that are different about us become superficial.

- Ethan Hawke

The theater, for me, has always been a place where I’m free to be more creative, a place to sharpen my tools.

- Ethan Hawke