Fairuza Balk Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Fairuza Balk Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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“Fairuza!” (“Turquoise” in Farsi), her father exclaimed as he saw her blue eyes: Fairuza Alejandra Balk had just been born on May 21, 1974 in Point Reyes, California. Her father, Solomon Feldthouse, was a traveling musician originally from Idaho, and her mother, Cathryn Balk, was a belly dancer. Her parents split up soon after. Fairuza grew up just north of San Francisco, California on a commune-type ranch. Her mother later found work in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was there that Fairuza began her career at age 9 on the ABC special The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (1983). Two years later, she went to the United Kingdom where she attended the Royal Academy of Ballet, the Ramona Beauchamp Agency, and the Bush Davies Performing Arts School. Fairuza worked for the Walt Disney Company for a while; at 11, she was chosen from 1,200 girls to star as Dorothy in Return to Oz (1985). The next year she starred, prophetically enough, as The Worst Witch (1986) a harbinger of her breakout role in The Craft (1996) 10 years later.


Interesting Facts about Fairuza Balk

  • Born at 3:00am-PDT
  • Loves to read, and her favorite authors are William S. Burroughs, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Carl Jung, Isabel Allende, Mikhail A. Bulgakov, Ernest Hemingway and HonorĂ© de Balzac.
  • Enjoys listening to punk rock, plays guitar and plays piano.
  • In a March 2001 interview with “Shout” magazine, she stated that out of all her films, Gas Food Lodging (1992) was her favorite. She indicated that “this film is very close to my heart. As a girl, I was very much like my character Shade. I was shy. I was a loner.”.
  • Daughter of Cathryn Balk.
  • Has highly praised Piper Laurie for her stardom in acting.
  • Her natural hair color is light brown, and during the early years of her career she wore it long. She first dyed her hair in the early 90’s and had it red in the films Deadly Intentions… Again? (1991) and Gas Food Lodging (1992). When she made the film Shame (1992) her hair was dyed jet black. A year later she cut it short for the film Murder in the Heartland (1993). With the exception of a few movies, her hair has stayed black with varying short hairstyles (ranging from a classic pixie to shoulder length) since.
  • When she was born, her father took one look at her eyes and exclaimed “Firuze!” which is Farsi for “turquoise”.
  • Owns several cats. Fairuza once had 5 cats named: MoMo, Scout, Oscar, Sweetpea Poteet Tennessee, Mouse.
  • As an actress, she was highly influenced by Piper Laurie.
  • She once fully owned her own Occult Craft shop in California called Panpipes. In 2001, she sold 50% of the business to a co-owner. Later, she sold her remaining share of the store to the current owners.
  • Contrary to popular belief – stemming from her role in The Craft (1996) and onetime ownership of an occult bookstore – Balk has never been a practicing witch. She made this clear in a 2017 interview for “Entertainment Weekly”, in which she acknowledged that “People are going to believe what they want to believe”.

Personal Quotes by Fairuza Balk

I’m beginning to get pigeonholed as the girl who plays the crazies and weirdoes – and that’s not the entirety of who I am. Hopefully, the whole point of being in this profession is that you change into anyone you want to be.

- Fairuza Balk

I got beat up up in Texas because my bootlaces were the wrong color.

- Fairuza Balk

People don’t talk to me the way they would other people. They kind of look at me, but they never come over. It makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me.

- Fairuza Balk

I want love, because love is the best feeling in the whole world.

- Fairuza Balk

I do think I tend to have a darker nature than most.

- Fairuza Balk