Gemma Collins Net Worth

Gemma Collins Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

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Gemma Collins is an English reality television personality and a fashion Icon. She has made her name through her performances in shows like The Only Way is Essex where she initially started off in 2011.

Here are some interesting facts about her:

1. Gemma Collins net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

As of 2018, Gemma Collins net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. Collins has actually amassed a very large fortune through her TV shows and recently as an entrepreneur as well. She also has great support from her family who are good with money as well.

Her reality television career as well as her career in fashion is actually interrelated. It is because of the exposure received from these shows that today Collins has her own online store which is named as Gemma Collins Collection. It sells almost all the things worn by a girl from jumpers to date night dresses to Leggings.

Gemma promotes her store a lot and it looks like she is trying to build an entire niche for her in the fashion world.

2. She started out as a car sales person in The Only Way is Essex.

Today she is recognized as a reality television star but before getting this fame, she was actually a car sales person. It is because of this profession that she got her start on “The Only Way is Essex”.

She was trying to sell a car to cast member Kirk Norcross on the series and eventually became a cast member of the show herself. It looks like her old profession has been a great investment for Collins who has since then gone on to appear in “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”. But the show did not last long for her.

But her stint on Celebrity Big Brother would be very successful staying on for a long time of 29 days inside the house. She has also had cameo appearances in Big Brother 18 for a task.

3. She has an autobiography called “Basically: My Real Life as an Essex Girl”.

Her time with The Only Way is Essex was very productive for her career establishing a large fan following on the process. She went on to release her own autobiography called Basically: My Real Life as an Essex Girl in 2013 and it was an instant hit with her fans.

She has since then also appeared in a number of shows relating to fashion and her promotions for her shows. After appearing in Celebrity 100% Hotter, she has now also become a cast of the fourth series of Celebs Go Dating.

4. She was once in a £5,000 per week diet for weight loss.

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Gemma Collins has had a long battle with weight loss. She has lost considerable amount of weight in recent years but it has been an inconsistent journey. This has been a personal problem for Gemma who has reportedly tried almost all diets that are possible.

She spent 28 days on a liquid juice diet at Jason Vale’s Juicy Oasis – which costs an insane budget of £5,000 per week. She started having weight problems in her twenties after a nasty break-up.

But it looks like Gemma has finally found what works for her which is backed up by a stong purpose in her life. She has said this is the most focused she has ever been for her diet and says that 2018 is going to be a year for healthy eating for her.

5. She became a meme after her infamous fall on stage at the Radio One Teen Music Awards

The Radio One Teen Music Awards was definitely a night to remember for Gemma Collins, not exactly for the right reasons.

After presenting the main “Best TV Show” award in the Wembley Arena which was broadcasted to millions, Collins was looking very energetic and trying to engage with the audience. She was joined on stage by other celebrities like Amber Davis and Marcel Somerville as well.

What happened was Collins didn’t realize the celebrities would be rising from a hole on the stage and fell dramatically into the hole. She did notice her fans that even though she had some injuries, she was fine.

The Internet was soon to catch this unfortunate incident for Collins with some pretty hilarious memes. There were hundreds of memes posted relating to the event and even till today, the events is still taken as a timely meme.