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Hassan Jameel Net Worth & Wiki: 5 Facts About Rihanna’s Boyfriend

Below is a compiled list of the most interesting facts about Hassan Jameel. Check it out!

Hassan Jameel is a Saudi businessman known to be from one of the richest families in the world . Though he has been an unfamiliar face to the public throughout his life, he has recently come under the limelight in the media because of his relationship with singer, dancer, and fashion mogul Rihanna.

Most recently, the two were pictured together celebrating Rihanna’s win at the Grammys 2018. The Saudi businessman has been pictured multiple times along with Rihanna sharing romantic moments throughout the past year.

Here are some interesting facts about Rihanna’s boyfriend:

1.Hassan Jameel Net Worth net worth is estimated to be $1 billion

Hassan is the son of the auto mogul Abdul Latif Jameel. According to Forbes, they the 12th richest family in the world. They have made their fortune through their family business Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic. As of 2018, Hassan Jameel Net worth is estimated to be $1 billion.

Hassan, who will reportedly take over the business as the heir one day, is currently serving as the deputy president and vice chairman of the large company. It looks like the company is being set up to be passed in Hassan’s hands one day and he is preparing very well for that role.

The success of the company lies in the fact that they own the right to sell Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia. They are also believed to own a football league called Jameel League.

2.Hassan and Rihanna were first seen together in mid 2017

Hassan Jameel and Rihanna
Hassan Jameel and Rihanna

They went public with their relationship back in late June of 2017 intentionally or not it is not confirmed as they were pictured making out whilst on vacation in a swimming pool in Ibiza. This was captured in June of last year, and it exploded throughout the internet.

Following this, the couple might have made a mutual decision to take their relationship public amid all the rumors that were doing its rounds throughout the internet.

3.Rihanna could be “the one” for Hassan

Rihanna’s close friends have said that they are spending a lot of time together. It looks like the relationship is a serious one with both of them being deeply in love with each other’s companionship.

Rihanna might have finally found someone to stand under her umbrella after all. In the past, Rihanna has had many failed relationships including the most noticeable one being with Chris Brown that even led to a polic case for violence on her.

But, it looks like Rihanna might finally settle down as the two are taking the relationship seriously and are maybe preparing for the next step.

4.Hassan was married to Lina Lazaar

Hassan was previously married to Lina Lazaar, who works as a specialist at Sotheby’s. She was also named among the Top 10 Most Influencial Women in Middle Eastern Art in 2016.

It is reported that they had tied the knot back in 2012 in a luxorious ceremony in Paris. But things did not go as planned for the couple. Hassan had a divorce with Lina before he began a new relationship with Rihanna and it seems that Lina has also moved on from her past for a new direction in life.

5.Hassan was once linked with Naomi Campbell

Even though there were once rumors that Naomi Campbell, who is a supermodel was seeing Hassan, she has since then clarified that they are “close friends”. Rumors had been fuelling after they were pictured together watching the Barclaycard British Summer Time Festival.

She even went on to say that she has no beef with Rihanna and even supported her as they shared a similar story to success.

Interesting Facts about Hassan Jameel