Heath Ledger Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Heath Ledger Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Below is a compiled list of the most interesting facts about Heath Ledger. Check it out!

When hunky, twenty-year-old heart-throb Heath Ledger first came to the attention of the public in 1999, it was all too easy to tag him as a “pretty boy” and an actor of little depth. He spent several years trying desperately to sway this image, but this was a double-edged sword. His work comprised nineteen films, including 10 Things I Hate About You (1999), The Patriot (2000), A Knight’s Tale (2001), Monster’s Ball (2001), Ned Kelly (2003), The Brothers Grimm (2005), Lords of Dogtown (2005), Brokeback Mountain (2005), Casanova (2005), Candy (2006), I’m Not There (2007), The Dark Knight (2008) and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009). He also produced and directed music videos and aspired to be a film director.


Interesting Facts about Heath Ledger

  • Following his untimely passing in 2008, became the youngest – i.e. most recent born – Batman villain actor to die. Succeeding Jeep Swenson.
  • Before appearing with Christian Bale in The Dark Knight (2008), the two of them both played incarnations of Bob Dylan in I’m Not There (2007). This makes Ledger the second Joker actor to share a role with a Batman actor. Previously, Cesar Romero shared the role of lawman John “Doc” Holliday with Adam West and Val Kilmer.
  • On February 9, 2008, a memorial service attended by several hundred invited guests was held at Penhros College in Perth, Western Australia followed by a private wake on Cottesloe Beach with his family and friends.
  • Was found dead in his apartment at 421 Broome Street in the SoHo neighborhood in New York City at 3:26 p.m. EST by his housekeeper and a massage therapist, finding him face down and unconscious in his bed with sleeping pills on a nearby table. [January 2008]
  • Was the first non-American actor to portray the Joker.
  • Invited to join AMPAS in 2006.
  • Among his hobbies were surfing, skateboarding, chess, photography, directing.
  • Was in talks to play the role of ‘Llewelyn Moss’ in No Country for Old Men (2007) but decided to take some time off instead.
  • In 2008, Australians in Film established the annual ”Heath Ledger Scholarship” in his honor. Past judges include Jude Law, Rachel Griffiths, Jason Isaacs, Frances O’Connor, director Gregor Jordan and Ledger’s former agent Steve Alexander.
  • Pulled out of The Tree of Life (2011) before he died.
  • Most of his wardrobe was designed by his friend Shem.
  • Had three sisters: Catherine (Kate) Ledger, married to Nathan Buckey, and half sisters Olivia Ledger (b. 1997) and Ashleigh Bell (b. 1989).

Personal Quotes by Heath Ledger

I like to do something I fear.

- Heath Ledger

I don’t feel like I have anything to lose, so I don’t really understand what I’m putting at risk.

- Heath Ledger

I feel like I’m wasting time if I repeat myself.

- Heath Ledger

I love acting and I have a lot of fun.

- Heath Ledger

It’s odd, that’s why I don’t like telling people I played field hockey. It’s real big in Australia for guys. But I say I played in America, and everybody goes, ‘Oh, you girl!’

- Heath Ledger