Iman Shumpert Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

Iman Shumpert Net Worth

Sports is one of the entertainment industry where people enjoy watching in every situation. Basketball is one of the sports which people love watching. If you like watching Basketball then Iman Shumpert is a familiar name for you. Iman Shumpert is an American professional basketball player who plays for Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Iman was selected by the New York Knicks with the 17th overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft. He played with the Knicks from 2011 to 2015 and in 2012 was named NBA All-Rookie first team. In 2015 he was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers and won the Eastern Conference Championship.

Here are some facts about Iman Shumpert.

1. Iman Shumpert net worth estimated to be $14 Million.

As of 2018, Iman Shumpert net worth is around $14 Million. Many people play basketball just for the enjoyment but Iman play basketball to make his country and club proud. He earns money by playing for various team and association. He also earns money by winning the tournament. Iman Shumpert has earned all this money by his hard work and dedication towards basketball. His skill is the key point of his success and net worth.

2. Despite the injury, Iman was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In everyone’s career, there is up and down so do Iman. He had meniscus in his left knee as a rookie and dislocated his shoulder on December 14, 2014, was a sad part of his career. Due to his amazing game in January he traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Not only he was sent to Cleveland Cavaliers but J.R. Smith was sent to Cavs roster and Dealt Dion Waters to the Thunder.

3. Iman Shumpert is also a rapper.

Basketball player Iman Shumpert loves music and he is also a rapper. He has released the song “Knicks Anthem” in 2012. He released the song after he faced injury in his knee. After that in 2013, he released the song “Dear Kendrick”.

In April, to remember the Cavs up and coming playoff run, Shumpert has released “The Offs”, a unique piece that was released on YouTube. The tune name-checked each and every Cleveland player and also the mentor, David Blatt.

4. Iman was in Georgia Tech University before NBA.

Before getting involved with NBA, he was playing basketball on the court with the future pros. His teammate was Evan Turner who went to play Ohio State University but at that time they were in Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School in Oak Park. Shumpert played at Georgia Tech University for three years before being draft by the New York Knicks at the age of 17 in 2011.

5. Winning is Iman’s main goal.

Winning the Championship is on the top priority list and goal for Iman as a basketball player. Iman wants people, teammates and players to remember him as such person who always wanted to win and for this, he had given his 100% in every game.


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