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Jack Nicholson, an American actor, producer, director and screenwriter, is a three-time Academy Award winner and twelve-time nominee. Nicholson is also notable for being one of two actors – the other being Michael Caine – who have received an Oscar nomination in every decade from the 1960s through the early 2000s.

Interesting Facts about Jack Nicholson

  • Good friends with Serbian NBA superstar Vlade Divac.
  • In the movie The Last Detail (1973), Nicholson’s character says “Marines are really assholes, you know that? It takes a certain kind of a sadistic temperament to be a Marine.” Later in his career in the movie A Few Good Men (1992), he played Marine Colonel Nathan Jessup.
  • Has twice been interviewed in Playboy magazine. His second interview is printed in the 50th anniversary issue.
  • The song “Santa Baby” in the film, Party Monster (1998) was recorded as a gift for the actor by the actress and recording artist, Cynthia Basinet, as were many other songs, including “Haunted Heart” and “Someone to Watch Over Me”. She was later nominated for a shared Nobel in 2005.
  • Has appeared in Batman (1989) opposite Pat Hingle. Hingle appeared in The Shining (1997), a remake of The Shining (1980), in which Nicholson appeared.
  • Has the largest gap between first and second Best Lead Actor Oscars, which is 22 years between One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) and As Good as It Gets (1997).
  • He was the 2001 John F. Kennedy Center Honors recipient.
  • Long refused to do any televised interviews except for press conferences. But in recent years, he has occasionally agreed to speak briefly when approached by reporters. He has not appeared on a talk show since 1971.
  • With his win for As Good as It Gets (1997) in 1998, he became the first actor in 20 years to win both a Best Actor Golden Globe – Comedy and an Oscar for the same role.
  • Became a father for the third time at age 44 when his [now ex] lover Winnie Hollman gave birth to their daughter Honey Hollman in 1981. Nicholson was in a relationship with Anjelica Huston when he conceived Hollman.
  • Turned down the lead role of Roy Neary in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), even though he knew the movie would be a success as he felt that the special effects would overwhelm any actor in the movie.
  • Is a lifelong devotee of Bob Dylan and Louis Armstrong.

Personal Quotes by Jack Nicholson

You only lie to two people in your life, your girlfriend and the police.

- Jack Nicholson

In my last year of school, I was voted Class Optimist and Class Pessimist. Looking back, I realize I was only half right.

- Jack Nicholson

I’m Irish. I think about death all the time.

- Jack Nicholson

I’ve been too many places. I’m like the bad penny.

- Jack Nicholson

One of my school friends’ parents owned a minigolf course, and a bunch of us kids would play there all day in the summer. Two-under deuces was a good score.

- Jack Nicholson