Jeremy Kyle Net Worth

Jeremy Kyle Net Worth: Facts To Know About Jeremy Kyle

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Jeremy Kyle is a British Television and radio personality best known for hosting the famous talk show “The Jeremy Kyle Show”. As of 2018, Jeremy Kyle net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Who is Jeremy Kyle?

Jeremy Kyle was born on July 7, 1965 in Reading, Berkshire. He is of Scottish descent and attended Reading Blue Coat School in Berkshire. He then went to study History and Sociology at University of Surrey in Guildford.

Kyle started working as a radio presenter at Orchard FM and Leicester Sound in 1996. Prior to that, he worked as a life insurance salesman, recruitment consultant and radio advertising salesman.

He is best known for his controversial tabloid talk show “The Jeremy Kyle Show” which has aired on ITV since 2005. He has also hosted a “Good Morning Britain” show while regular host Piers Morgan was away but he had a torrid time as a newcomer as some of the fans begged for Piers to return early.

Kyle has also appeared in shows like Coronation Street Confidential, The Fattest Man in Britain, High Stakes, The Jeremy Kyle Show USA, Sunday Scoop, Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room, The Kyle Files and many others.

Apart from that he also writes a column for Women’s weekly magazine “Pick Me Up”. In 2009, he wrote his book titled “I’m Only Being Honest”.

Is Jeremy Kyle married?

Yes, Jeremy has been married twice. He married his first wife Kirsty Rowley in 1989. However, two years later they got divorced in 1991. Together they had one daughter named Harriet.

He then married Carla Germaine in 2003 but they also got separated in 2015 after his cheating allegations resurfaced. Together they have three kids Alice, Ava and Henry.

He is currently in relationship with Vicky Burton. Before they got together, she worked as a nanny for Jeremy and former wife Carla Germaine’s three children.

Interesting Facts about Jeremy Kyle