Josh Hartnett Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Josh Hartnett Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Joshua Daniel Hartnett was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to Wendy Anne (Kronstedt) and Daniel Thomas Hartnett, a building manager. His father is of Irish and German descent, and his mother is of Swedish and Norwegian ancestry. Hartnett graduated from South High School in Minneapolis in June of 1996, then attended SUNY Purchase in New York. By April of 1997, he was offered the role of Michael Fitzgerald in the short-lived American television series Fitz (1997). Josh started off doing small plays and national commercials, but broke into the big-screen movie business with his starring roles in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), The Faculty (1998), and Pearl Harbor (2001).


Interesting Facts about Josh Hartnett

  • Quit football in high school because of an injured left knee.
  • Was set to play the role of Tino in Deuces Wild (2002) but dropped out when he won the role of Danny Walker in Pearl Harbor (2001). The Tino role eventually went to James Franco.
  • Dated his childhood sweetheart Ellen Fenster. They had been together for a number of years and they bought a $2.5 million mansion together in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In February 2004 the two decided to go their separate ways.
  • His father is of half Irish and half German descent. His mother is of 5/8 Swedish and 3/8 Norwegian descent.
  • Attended the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest 2010 in Italy. [July 2010]
  • Voted #3 on Bliss magazine’s “Sexiest Male” in 2003, the same year PETA named him the “Sexiest Vegetarian Alive”, as chosen by voters.
  • In 2011 Hartnett was named #1 on the list of ‘Top 100 Most Beautiful Men in the World’.
  • Friends with Ben Affleck and Jason Isaacs.
  • Attended the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. [September 2010]
  • Has been offered the role of Clark Kent/Superman several times by Brett Ratner and Warner Bros. for their 2004 film, but he does not want to commit to a long-term contract which would hold him to doing 3 Superman films in 10 years. [February 2003]
  • Parents and sister still live in the home he grew up in in St. Paul, Minnesota off Cretin Avenue.
  • Was considered for the role of Evan Treborn in The Butterfly Effect (2004).

Personal Quotes by Josh Hartnett

You know, honestly, acting in film is remarkably independent. You’re doing your thing and someone else is doing their thing.

- Josh Hartnett

Up until the age of 16, I was very focused on sport – I played a lot of football. Then I tore my ACL and had to stop playing.

- Josh Hartnett

I should be getting photographs of me with my arm around these people like restaurant owners do, because eventually I am going to have to prove to my kids that once I was an actor!

- Josh Hartnett

I admire when people take the harder path, not because they are masochistic and want to beat themselves up, but because you actually kind of learn more and I think you grow more.

- Josh Hartnett

My musical tastes go from Zeppelin to Bob Dylan to Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne. Anything modern and progressive.

- Josh Hartnett