Kiefer Sutherland Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Kiefer Sutherland Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Below is a compiled list of the most interesting facts about Kiefer Sutherland. Check it out!

Kiefer Sutherland was born in London, England, UK, to Canadian actors Shirley Douglas and Donald Sutherland, who moved to California shortly after his birth. His maternal grandfather, Tommy Douglas, was a Scottish-born Canadian politician who was a Premier of Saskatchewan for over 17 years and led the national NDP party for almost 10.

Interesting Facts about Kiefer Sutherland

  • He is of Scottish, and some English, Irish, and German, ancestry.
  • Attended and graduated from Martingrove Collegiate Institute in Etobicoke, Ontario.
  • On the DVD cover of Freeway (1996), he has a five o’clock shadow, but in the film itself, he is clean shaven.
  • His grandfather (former Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas) was voted “The Greatest Canadian”.
  • Was roommates with Robert Downey Jr. for three years during their early days in Hollywood in the 1980s.
  • Attended the funeral of actor Brandon Lee (who was accidentally shot by Michael Massee while filming The Crow (1994)). Coincidentally, Massee later played villain Ira Gaines in the first season of 24 (2001).
  • When he was eight, he moved to Canada where he spent the next eight years of his life.
  • His great-great-grandmother, through male line, was a third cousin of President Rutherford Birchard Hayes. Ironically, on 24 (2001)’s fifth season, his character Jack Bauer had to work with a Homeland Security agent named Karen Hayes.
  • In an episode of 24 (2001), his character mentions that he and his wife and daughter should take a trip up into Canada. His father, Donald Sutherland, was born in Saint John, New Brunswick.
  • Is a huge fan of the rock band Queen.
  • Has a very large collection of vintage guitars (a 1959 Les Paul, a 1967 Telecaster, a 1968 ES335 and about fifty-five more).
  • His ex-wife, Camelia Kath, is the widow of Chicago guitarist Terry Kath.

Personal Quotes by Kiefer Sutherland

There’s a confidence that comes from youth and not knowing better. But there comes a point, as an actor, when you do know better, and that is when the fear starts.

- Kiefer Sutherland

If you are going to do something potentially for another eight years, you want it to be something that you can really sink your teeth in and that’s going to be different and interesting for this next period of time.

- Kiefer Sutherland

There are aspects of ’24’ where I love its politics and aspects where I hate them.

- Kiefer Sutherland

I feel extraordinarily peaceful when I’m watching the sun set.

- Kiefer Sutherland