Ladd Drummond Net Worth

Ladd Drummond Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should  Know

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Ladd Drummond is a popular American rancher based in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Ladd Drummond is living with his lovely wife and children. Ladd Drummond’s family is the largest landowner in the United States. He ranks 23rd largest landowner in the United States.

Ladd and his family are in practice of ranching since very long time. Ladd Drummond has also given continuity to their family business. Ladd Drummond is fourth generation cattle rancher in his family where he is raising 2500 cattle and horses.

Here are some facts about Ladd Drummond :

1. Ladd Drummond net worth is estimated to be $200 million.

Ladd Drummond net worth is around $200 million. For Ladd Drummond, his family business was enough to earn good amount of money. Ladd too has given interest in his family business. His family awn an astonishing 433,000 acres of land over 675 square miles.

Ladd’s family has been paid more than $24 million in rent from the United States government alone in last 10 years. So, his source of income is basically family business that ranching. His interest in ranching had made him largest landowner in the United States.

2. Ladd Drummond’s wife is the popular author.

Ree Drummond is Ladd Drummond’s wife who is the author of the popular blog, Pioneer Woman. She is the star of the Pioneer Women on The Food Network. Pioneer Woman features Drummond daily life as ranch wife and mother.

His wife, Ree Drummond published her first cookbook named ‘The Pioneer Woman: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl’ in October 2009. After its popularity, she again published her second cookbook ‘The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier’ in March 2012.

3. He was a cowboy when he met his wife.

Ladd and Ree are very romantic and beautiful couples. When wife Ree met him for the first time, he was a cowboy. Ladd and Ree first met in a bar in  Oklahoma and hit it off right away. We can also that love at first sight.

Lead took almost four months to give Ree a call. Ree was ready to move to Chicago but fortunately, he still had a chance and rest of it is in front of you.

4. Ladd Drummond is opening a Hotel.

Ladd Drummond with his wife Ree is opening a new hotel in Oklahoma. They are opening this new hotel right down the street from the heartland cook’s previous restoration project, the Pioneer Woman Mercantile.

They are restoring the three-story building to an 8 room hotel with suites ao comfortable and cozy. Now., they will be also an owner of the hotel as well.

5. “Marlboro Man” is Ladd Drummond’s Nickname.

Ladd’s loving and caring wife call him as Marlboro Man which show her love for him. His nickname is due to his first impression when he first met her in a smoky Oklahoma Bar several years ago. Ladd’s tall, strong. Mysterious, sipping bottled beer with jeans and cowboy boot had impressed his wife for the first time.