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Linda McCartney Net Worth: Linda McCartney was a photographer, musician and animal rights activist who had a net worth of $10 million at the time of her death in 1995. Linda (Eastman) McCartney was born January 1, 1941 in New York City, New York. She was the daughter of Leopold Vail Epstein, who later changed his name to Lee Eastman. Contrary to popular belief, Leopold was not an heir to the Eastman Kodak empire. When asked about the alleged connection to the camera company, Linda once explained: “I don’t know how that mistake came about, except through the name and the fact that I am a photographer.”

She married John Melvin See Jr. on June 18, 1962 and, after their divorce in June 1965, she married Paul McCartney on March 12, 1969.

Stella McCartney was one of her daughters.

Linda McCartney Wikipedia Net Worth
Alluring: Linda McCartney is looking her best while posing for the camera.

Interesting Facts about Linda McCartney

Linda McCartney has a net worth of 10000000 US dollars.

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall, which translates to 175 cm.

Linda McCartney was 56 Years old when she died. She was born in 1941, and died in 1998.

Her place of birth is New York City, NY, and her zodiac sign is Libra.

Linda McCartney died in 1998 as a result of breast cancer.

Personal Quotes by Linda McCartney

We have lasted this long close together, so we must have something going for each other.

Linda McCartney

Cooking for six people every day is like having a cafe.

Linda McCartney

We moved there a year ago, just as a weekend place. Then we decided to move out of London completely. We will eventually have to work it out a bit more, because you can’t have a little boy living with his sisters like that, can you? But we like the idea of closeness.

Linda McCartney

He is a terrible planner, though. So am I.

Linda McCartney

When I first toured with Wings things that were said about me were true – I did sing out of tune.

Linda McCartney