Lisa and Lena Net Worth

Lisa and Lena Net Worth: How Rich Are Twin Sisters?

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Lisa and Lena are twin sisters from Germany who are currently dominating through their dancing and lip sync videos. As of 2018, Lisa and Lena net worth is estimated to be around $400,000.

The twin sisters were born on June 17, 2002 in Stuttgart, Germany. They were adopted by Lilli and Viktor Mantler. They also have an older brother named Tim and an older sister named Tayra.

Lisa and Lena got involved with social media since their early teens. In-fact they were only 13 years old when they created an account on app. Their first video was lip sync video of Anna Graceman’s “Treble Heart”. It went viral on the web and motivated by their initial success they uploaded more video content on their page. At one point the identical twins sisters were gaining around 30,000 new followers daily. Their account has many fans from Germany but they also have millions of fans worldwide.

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In-addition to being stars on the Internet, they have also launched their own clothing line in partnership with OCFM GmbH called “Compose”. The company produces jackets, t-shirts, hats, gym bags, phone cases and other accessories. Since December 2016, they now have their own independent merchandise store called “Dream It & Do It”.

Regarding their social media counts, Lisa and Lena’s account has over 27 million followers. Their combined Instagram account also has over 12.5 million followers. With that amount of audience, it wouldn’t be surprising to see decent amount of sponsorships and endorsements from certain companies.

The twin sisters have also received the golden Bravo Otto as Social Media Stars. In 2017, they also received Shorty Award as Muser of the Year. Lisa and Lena have also contributed some of their earnings to social charity solving children’s issues.

Lisa and Lena Net Worth 2018: $400,000

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