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Lisa Appleton Wiki

Lisa Appleton is an English reality Television star who rose to fame after appearing in season 9 of Big Brother UK.

Lisa was born on May 23, 1968 in England. Before she got her name in Big Brother season 9, she worked as a sales representative at a tanning salon. She is also a former body builder and a fitness fanatic.

She is well known for appearing on Big Brother season 9 in 2008 where she entered the house with her boyfriend Mario Marconi. A mother of 18 year old daughter, Lisa Appleton believes in spiritual side related to reincarnation, life after death, clairvoyants, ghosts, sprits and universal dynamics.

After Big Brother, she then became jobless for some time. She then appeared on Channel 5 documentary “On Benefits: Living the High Life”. She is also known by doing photo-shoots most of which include without her clothes.

Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton

Lisa and Mario first met when she bought crystal ball from him on ebay and met up to collect the item. Lisa and Mario were the couple to enter the Big Brother house in 2009. On the show, Mario went on to propose Lisa on camera.

In 2008 they engaged and married in 2010. But their relationship didn’t last longer as they finalized their divorce three years later in 2013. She has a daughter named Sophie Appleton from her previous relationship. Sophie now lives in Canada.

Lisa Appleton Net Worth: As of 2018, Lisa Appleton net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. She earned majority of money by appearing on reality TV series.

Interesting Facts about Lisa Appleton