Lou Diamond Phillips Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Lou Diamond Phillips Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Lou Diamond Phillips was born on February 17, 1962 in Subic Bay Naval Base, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines as Lou Diamond Upchurch. He is an actor and director, known for Courage Under Fire (1996), The Big Hit (1998) and La Bamba (1987). He has been married to Yvonne Boismier Phillips since August 16, 2007. They have one child. He was previously married to Kelly Phillips and Julie Cypher.


Interesting Facts about Lou Diamond Phillips

  • Starring as King Arthur in the national tour of Camelot. [November 2007]
  • In May 2011 Phillips accepted the GI Spirit Award from Brandon Millet and Laura Law-Millet, who are founders of the the GI Film Festival. The award is presented to actors embodying “the spirit of an American GI in their creative and philanthropic work.” Prior recipients of the award include Gary Sinise, Jon Voight, Karri Turner and Rich Schroder.
  • Worked at Whataburger as a teen, becoming a shift leader during his term of employment.
  • Loves playing poker and has held games at his Los Angeles home for nearly two decades for his friends and others.
  • Turned down his role in Supernova (2000) a few times before eventually accepting it.
  • Met wife, Yvonne, while shooting a Radio Shack commercial in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • He started acting in theater at the Stage West in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington with a BFA in Drama
  • First wife, Julie Cypher, partnered with Melissa Etheridge.
  • He plays with the group, “The Pipefitters with Lou Diamond Phillips”.
  • Grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Good friends with Bill Allen.

Personal Quotes by Lou Diamond Phillips

Sidney Poitier, who is class personified, said: ‘Lou, you’re a leading man because you’re a good actor.’ Brought tears to my eyes.

- Lou Diamond Phillips

Hollywood will put you in a box, so to speak. Some people will have seen you in ‘La Bamba’ or another dramatic film and think, ‘Okay, that’s what Lou does.’ But they don’t really have an idea of the range or diversity that I can bring to a project.

- Lou Diamond Phillips

Although a lot of pain for a little screen time; Shaving legs, waxing eyebrows, high heels, trying to put on a bra, losing weight because women’s clothes are SO revealing – Ladies you have my respect.

- Lou Diamond Phillips

It’s easier to stay in shape than to fluctuate.

- Lou Diamond Phillips

Approach every film with the same enthusiasm, regardless of its budget.

- Lou Diamond Phillips