Marty Lagina Net Worth

Marty Lagina Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

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Marty Lagina is a popular name in the field of reality television show. Marty is an American television personality who gained the fame with the reality series The Curse Of the  Oak Island which on aired on the History Channel. This reality star is in the show because of his interest in Oak Island. He is passionate to solve the 200 years old mystery of Oak Island.

Marty Lagina alone is not the star of this reality show. In fact, his brother Rick Lagina had given him company to slove the mystery through in-depth research and modern technology. These two brothers are well known as Lagina Brothers.

Here are some facts about Marty Lagina :

1. Marty Lagina net worth is estimated to be $100 million.

As of 2018, Marty Lagina net worth is around $100 million. To earn money one should really work hard and should have interest, passion towards the work. We can see hard work, dedication and passionate in work of Marty. Due to his keen interest in Oak island he is now the popular reality television star and one of the most viewed television reality show.

Marty’s source of income is not only the reality show. Yes, he earns some amount of money but he is also an active businessman. As involvement in various businesses, he earns good amount of profit from those businesses.

2. Marty Lagina and his Degrees.

Marty Lagina is younger among two brothers has an engineering and Law Degree. He completed his law degree in 1982 from the University of Michigan. He had completed his engineering in mechanical engineering.

He began his career as a professional engineer serving at Amoco Production Company as a petroleum engineer. He established himself in an engineering field.

3. Marty Lagina with his own Businesses

A part from reality television show Marty Lagina is also engaged in his own business. After completing his law degree he founded the Terra Energy Ltd which basically an oil and gas exploration company.

Not only this Marty had given continuity to his family business. He is also the owner of a winery row 7” which later expanded to Villa Mari Vineyard. Besides, this Lagina Brothers own tour company as well. The tour guides guest through oak islands mysteries, items found and many others. The tour includes small museum which does not allow guest to take photographs of ‘War Room’ which includes mysterious artifact found on the island.

4. Marty Lagina knows his duty towards the family.

When it comes to the family life he is quite close to his brother and other family members. We can see his closeness to his brother in the reality television show also. We can distinctly see them working very well together.

It is said our children follow our footsteps. We can exactly see this in Marty as a father. His son Alex is also an engineer who followed his father and once he also appeared in the episodes of the reality show.

5. Marty sold one company to start another.

Marty was connected his engineering background with business. He always had the desire to develop green energy. He had sold his company Terra energy to launch the new company named Heritage Sustainable which is a Turbine company.

It is said that wind turbine business is the largest in the midwestern united states and as well as in the state of Michigan.