Michael Cohen Net Worth

Michael Cohen Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

Below is a compiled list of the most interesting facts about Michael Cohen. Check it out!

Michael Cohen is an American lawyer and spokesperson for U.S. President Donald Trump. Before being Trump’s spokesperson he used to serve as Executive Vice president of the Trump Organization.

Cohen was also co-president of Trump Entertainment. He was the board member of the Eric Trump foundation a children’s health charity. Cohen is under investigation by federal prosecutors into multiple matters such as wire fraud, bank fraud, and other cases.

Here are some facts about Michael Cohen :

1. Michael Cohen net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Michael Cohen net worth is around $10 million. As he is involved in one of the good professional that is a lawyer and in the position of spokesperson he gets a good amount of money from his skills of speaking.

Giving legal advice to the president is not an easy work. To get into that position he had been involved in politics from early and was involved in Donald’s various organization from where he was paid off a good amount.

2. Cohen claimed he paid money from his pocket to Stormy Daniels

Michael is lawyer and spokesperson of Donald Trump who paid off Stormy Daniels $ 130,000. Cohen gave her that money to stay quiet about the affair of her with Donald. It is said that that money was not from Donald’s pocket but it was from Cohen’s pocket. It is not necessary to pay off from his pocket.

Cohen further explains he doesn’t think Donald had affair with Daniels. Paid off doesn’t mean the things are true but paid off means to prevent possible harm or damage. He will always protect Trump weather by paid off or others.

3. Cohen had threatned the journalist publicly.

Journalist of Daily Beast got threats from Cohen when the reporter was taking his interview. Cohen had threated him saying Cohen will make sure he and reporter will meet one day in the courthouse. Cohen will take every penny from him until he doesn’t have anything.

4. Michael Cohen had married Ukrainian Girl.

Michael Cohen is a married man. His wife is from Ukraine. His beautiful wife Lauren Cohen and Michael have been married for 23 years. They are together for such long time and now it’s their time to watch their children become an adult. His daughter works at Ivy League school and he also has a son whose dream is to play division 1 baseball. Cohen and his son had visited various campus, meeting different coaches and discuss his future.

5. Cohen is best for his daughter.

For every child, their parents are best.  For Cohen’s daughter Samantha Cohen he is the best dad in the world. Wishing Cohen Happy Birthday on her Instagram she had written: “Happy Birthday to the best dad in the whole World.”.

Interesting Facts about Michael Cohen