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Nicole Appleton Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

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Nicole Marie Appleton is a Canadian singer, actress, and television presenter. She is best known to be the member of All Saints and Appleton.

Here are some interesting facts about Nicole Appleton:

1. Nicole Appleton net worth is estimated to be $10 million

As of 2018, Nicole Appleton net worth is estimated to be $10 million. Nicole Appleton received more than $7 million in assets from her divorce split with multi-millionaire Liam Gallagher. Gallagher has made a fortune though his band Oasis selling more than 70 million records in the process with multiple number one albums released through their band.

After their nasty divorce after falling apart in 2013, Nicole reportedly got half of what Gallagher had in terms of assets. This included two multi-million dollar homes.

Appleton has also made money by her association with All Saints and through the royalties she has received for it as a performer. She also been involved with some roles as an actress as well worked on presenting many different platforms on television. These included being the host of the TV show called “The Hot Desk” and a Canadian reality singing competition called “Cover Me Canada”.

2. She joined All Saints in 1996

1996 was the year that she and her sister Natalie Appleton became official members of All Saints. They went on to release their debut single called “I Know Where It’s At” in 1997.

They went on to release “Never Ever” which sold 1.2 million copies in the UK alone. Soon after their new found fame, they went on to release their much anticipated album titled All Saints. The album was a big success and managed to be certified platinum by the RIAA.

This was a time when the group were at the peak in terms of popularity but this would also start to make some differences among the group and their associated record label with their increase in terms of revenue and popularity. It was then decided that it would be better to part their own ways. They did and would pursue different directions for some years.

3. After breaking up, the group All Saints reunited in 2006

After starting fresh with the record label Parlophone, they went on to release a new album called “Studio”. This album also became a big hit as it included songs like “Rock Steady” and “Chick Fit”.

After another hiatus as a group, they came back in 2014 as a support act for the Backstreet Boys’ tour across England. They are working together right now in order to make sure their album “Red Flag” gets released in time although Appleton herself has been finding it hard to manage time because of her other endeavors.

4. Gallagher told Appleton about his secret child on the phone when she was on a holiday.

Appleton perhaps had the worst holiday to reflect back on. Gallagher didn’t find a more better way to tell about the secret child that he had with American journalist Liza Ghorbani. Gallagher has a daughter named Gene Gallagher with Appleton.

Later during their hearing on court, it was concluded that the circumstances upon which Gallagher told this truth about his personal affair was very unfortunate for Appleton. Their marriage that had lasted more than 15 years would fall apart very quickly because of this situation and the circumstances surrounding it.

5. The marriage cost $1 million on legal costs alone

A lot of people were shocked to hear that the legal costs more the divorce cost more than $1 million alone. This shows how much separated that the two former love birds had become.

Gallagher was a man who had the habit of living above his means excessively. He would go on world tours and spend it in first-class services and hotel often coming back home from the tour with no substancial profit. It looks like Gallagher got too carried away from getting a divorce that led to substancial legal costs dubbed by many media outlets and experts as “manifestly excessive”.

Interesting Facts about Nicole Appleton