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Nikolas Cruz Wiki: 4 Facts About the Florida School Shooter

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Nikolas Cruz is a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He is the prime suspect who has been arrested on charges of committing a dreadful school shooting that left 17 innocent people dead and many others injured in the process on February 14, 2018.

Here are some facts about Nikolas Cruz:

1. He was expelled from the school for disciplinary reasons

The school he studied in was a big one spanning more than 3200 students from grade 9th to 12th grade alone and a large number of staff to facilitate them as well.

This school in Florida is where Cruz was formerly studying but the school started getting constant complaints from students that he was threatening them.

Hence, the management of the school eventually decided to expel him never again letting him step into school premises with a back pack.

2. He was a loner

According to one of his former teachers, Jim Gard, he was a quiet kid in the classroom. In terma of physical features, he was pretty pale with red hair.

But through recent reports and interviews from students who knew him has clarified that he was creepy and weird.

He was ignored by anybody and used to always be alone. One of the students said that he was a very troubled kid in middle school and even had a breakdown in school at 15.

3. Nikolas Cruz was fascinated by guns

Nikolas Cruz guns

One of the reasons why he was separated from the group of other students is because he had interests that nobody else shared with him.

He was reportedly a teenager with an interest in guns, knives, and ammunitions.

Through his account on Instagram which ia still unverified, Cruz regularly features posts relating to guns and knives. One of his former classmates even said that he posted photos of him doing target practice in his background with a pellet gun and described how he killed animals. He once even featured a collection of guns in his bedroom.

5. He was adopted in infancy

According to reports from ABC, Nikolas Cruz was an adopted child by Lynda and Roger Cruz when he was only an infant.

Lynda died last year in November because of the flu while his father died 13 years ago because of a heart attack. According to one of his former neighbors, Cruz and his other adopted brother had to called on the police.

Her mother regularly did this because of their behavioral problems. He was once also taken to a mental health clinic but it was not on any critical conditions.

The end result of this unfaithful act has been the untimely death of 17 innocent people who had a future to be optimistic about and families to go home to. Our thoughts and prayers remain with everyone who has been affected of this act of violence.

Interesting Facts about Nikolas Cruz