Omar Epps Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Omar Epps Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Omar Epps is an American actor, starring on the ABC drama Resurrection (2014).

Interesting Facts about Omar Epps

  • July 2004: Daughter K’mari Mae born. Mother is fiancée (now wife) Keisha Spivey.
  • Began writing poetry at age ten.
  • He and actor Marlon Wayans have been friends since childhood.
  • He stared in Blackstreet’s music video “Before I Let You Go” (1994).
  • In 1994, he switched to baseball as co-star of Major League II (1994), taking over the role of “Willie Mays Hayes” from originator Wesley Snipes.
  • Had the name Quincey in two films, Juice (1992) and Love & Basketball (2000).
  • Is a member of a hip-hop group called Wolfpak, which he formed with his cousin in 1991.
  • Attended the Fiorello LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts in New York, NY, a school formed from the merger of two New York City high schools for the arts, one of which was the school on which the movie and TV show, Fame (1980), was based.
  • Was a back-up dancer for Queen Latifah.
  • Appeared in in the magazine article “Can’t a Brother Get No Love?” which appeared in the August 1999 issue of Vibe.

Personal Quotes by Omar Epps

People don’t want to pay 8 or 9 dollars to go see a problem that they have in their life, on screen. They pay to get away from that. That’s why they watch soap operas.

- Omar Epps

The only way to ensure a film is going to sell is put Will Smith in it and you open it in 3,000 theaters and make sure we have all the top promotional spots in each venue.

- Omar Epps

Boxing, for me, it’s the beginning of all sports. I’m willing to bet that the first sport was a man against another man in a fight, so I think that’s something innate in all of us.

- Omar Epps

If someone saves your life, you develop a brotherhood, no matter what your race.

- Omar Epps