Parker Schnabel Net Worth: 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Parker Schnabel is a gold miner and reality television star. He is famous for being the prominent member of the gold mining show “Gold Rush”. The young gold miner is making hefty money in recent years. So how much is Parker Schnabel worth? Know more about him including his net worth, personal life, career and girlfriend.

1.Parker Schnabel net worth is estimated to be around $8 million.

Some websites has estimated Parker Schnabel net worth to be in between $500,000 and $2 million. However, according to reliable source, Celebrity Net Worth estimated his net worth to be massive $8 million. According to some sources, the gold miner earns around $25,000 per episode or $500,000 per year.

2.His Early Life

Parker Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994 to Roger Schnabel and Nancy Schnabel. As a child, he had an interest in exploring things and mining. He grew up on his grandfather’s property at Big Nugget Mine. Parker was also interested in playing basketball. He considers his grandfather Klondike John Schnabel as an idol and a mentor. Since his childhood he had one goal that is to join his grandfather at his Big Nugget mining and he did it very successfully.

3.Schnabel’s Education

From his childhood days, he focused on his grandfather’s mining company and was not quiet interested in joining college. But he studied geology and mining in college with an intention to return on his mining company. After using his knowledge from University in mining and other operations, he dug an 1029 ounces of gold or worth of $1.4 million of gold.

4.Career and TV show

After his impressive start to his career, he appeared on the Discovery TV series “Gold Rush Alaska” or simply “Gold Rush” in 2010. Parker’s role was to manage day to day operations and to help miners to know about what they were doing. After his grandfather stepped down from the show, he was the leader on the mining area. Schnabel also starred in the reality television series Gold Rush: The Dirt from 2012 to 2016. In 2017 he starred in the spin-off reality TV series Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

5.He is currently in relationship with Ashley Yule.

Parker Schnabel is currently in relationship with Aussie blonde Ashley Yule. They first met when he was in Australia. Very little information is available on Schnabel’s girlfriend as she likes to stay away from the mainstream media. In-fact we haven’t found any account of her on Instagram. She is very private person.

Ashley frequently travels to United States to spend some time with her millionaire boyfriend. Parker says that his girlfriend is super understanding and helps him a lot in business. She also keeps his head calm. While they are enjoying their dating life, there is not any information about their marriage. Right now they are just focusing on work.


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