Peggy Lipton Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Peggy Lipton Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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She was a groovy and sexy icon of the late hippie era. To millions of TV viewers she became familiar as the reformed juvenile delinquent, turned undercover cop, Julie Barnes. With her expressive brown eyes and trademark long blonde hair, sylphlike Peggy Lipton was one third of a streetwise urban trio who – at least to baby boomers in the 60s – represented a more anti-authoritarian point of view. As a police drama with a difference, Mod Squad (1968) was a counterculture trend-setter which addressed previously neglected (or taboo) issues such as the Vietnam War, child abuse, police brutality, racism and drugs. Along with Star Trek (1966), I Spy (1965), Mannix (1967) and Mission: Impossible (1966), it was also among the first shows to feature an interracial cast.


Interesting Facts about Peggy Lipton

  • Has one grandchild: Isaiah Jones Koenig (b. August 22, 2018) via her daughter Rashida Jones.
  • Daughter of Rita (Benson), an artist, and Harold Lipton, a corporate lawyer. Her paternal grandparents were Russian Jewish immigrants. Her mother was born in Dublin, Ireland, of Russian Jewish and Latvian Jewish descent.
  • She was a lifelong Democrat.
  • As an actress, she was highly influenced by Tige Andrews.
  • Younger sister of Robert Lipton.
  • Best remembered by the public for her role as Julie Barnes on Mod Squad (1968).
  • Mother, with Quincy Jones, of actress/model Kidada Jones (who was born before they were married) and actress Rashida Jones.
  • Had a relationship with Elvis Presley.
  • Played Norma Jennings in both versions of the TV series “Twin Peaks”, 25 years apart: Twin Peaks (1990) and Twin Peaks (2017).
  • Daughter Rashida Jones shot her TV series Angie Tribeca (2016) on the same sound stage on which Peggy shot Mod Squad (1968).
  • Ex-stepmother of Quincy Jones III, Martina Jones and Jolie Jones.
  • 1966 Deb Star.

Personal Quotes by Peggy Lipton

I ran into Neal Patrick Harris recently. We were in something called The Purple People Eater. He was maybe 10, but he still remembered it as the worst experience of his life!

- Peggy Lipton

I live in Juicy Couture sweats and a pair of Uggs.

- Peggy Lipton

I was very insecure about my looks.

- Peggy Lipton

I didn’t know how to smile for the paparazzi.

- Peggy Lipton