Piper Perabo Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Piper Perabo Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Piper Perabo is a Golden Globe nominated film, stage and TV actor. Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in New Jersey, she graduated summa cum Laude from Ohio University. In 2000 she was cast in a breakout role in Coyote Ugly. Since then she has been seen in such films as Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige” with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, “Because I Said So” with Diane Keaton and “First Snow”, with Guy Pearce, “Cheaper by the Dozen” films with Steve Martin, “Imagine Me & You” with Lena Heady and Matthew Goode and the crime drama “10th & Wolf” with an ensemble cast that included James Marsden and Dennis Hopper. She starred alongside Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Emily Blunt and Jeff Daniels in Rian Johnson’s sci-fi action film, “Looper.”.


Interesting Facts about Piper Perabo

  • (July 26, 2014) Married her boyfriend of 3 years Stephen Kay in New York City following a 10-month-long engagement. They met each other while working together on Covert Affairs (2010).
  • Piper’s father, George William Perabo, is of German, English, and Irish ancestry. Piper’s mother, Mary Charlotte (Ulland), is of Norwegian descent. While Piper’s surname is sometimes believed to be Portuguese, it originates in Germany. Piper’s paternal great-grandfather, Frederick Joseph Perabo, was born in Lorch, Germany, in 1878, and moved to the United States, where he married Piper’s great-grandmother, Edna B., who was also of German descent. Piper’s patrilineal line can be traced back to her great-great-great-grandparents, Jacob Perabo and Caroline Diel, who were German-born.
  • Graduated summa cum laude from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater (1998).
  • In high school, she was the president of National Honor Society and the editor of the school literary magazine, Polaris.
  • In high school, she was a member of the Marinerettes as a dancer in the field show during the football games.
  • Considered for the lead role in Uptown Girls (2003).
  • Her father is a lecturer in poetry and her mother is a physical therapist.
  • Graduated from Toms River (NJ) High School North class of 1994.
  • Has a younger brother, Adam Perabo, who also attended Ohio University.
  • Named after actress Piper Laurie.
  • One of the owners of Employees Only, a restaurant/bar in New York City.
  • In high school, she appeared in all four yearly musicals. Her senior year, she was Katie in “Meet Me In St. Louis;” junior year, Cousin Fan in “Mame;” sophomore year, Lady Brighton in “Me and My Girl;” and freshman year, a dancer in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.”

Personal Quotes by Piper Perabo

So I started to learn guitar right away.

- Piper Perabo

I live not too far from it in New York City.

- Piper Perabo

You can only really open yourself up so far to someone that you don’t truly love – you keep something back when you know somewhere in your gut that this relationship is going to be forever.

- Piper Perabo

In Wales, it’s eight different weathers in a day.

- Piper Perabo

In Texas it’s always hot, dry, sunny, not a cloud in the sky.

- Piper Perabo