Rainn Wilson Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Rainn Wilson Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Rainn Wilson lives in Los Angeles with his wife, fiction writer Holiday Reinhorn (Big Cats), and his son, Walter McKenzie Wilson who was born in 2004. He grew up in Seattle, Washington but graduated from New Trier H.S. in Winnetka, Illinois. After attending both Tufts University and the University of Washington, Rainn studied acting at NYU’s graduate acting program and spent years doing theater both on and off-Broadway, on tours with the Acting Company and in region theatre including The Guthrie and Arena Stage.


Interesting Facts about Rainn Wilson

  • Originally came to Los Angeles with a theater piece entitled The New Bozena, a show he created off-Broadway.
  • Played clarinet and bassoon in the high school band.
  • Mother named him after poet Rainer Maria Rilke.
  • He was born at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.
  • Rainn writes the blogs for his character Dwight Schrute on the website for his show The Office (2005).
  • MFA in Acting – New York University, Tisch School of the Arts (1989)
  • Son Walter McKenzie born in 2004.
  • Rainn is the co-creator and host of SoulPancake.com, a website that links spirituality and creativity and ‘chews on life’s big questions’.
  • Got his start in theater as a member of the Acting Company and remained for several years. Appeared in Long Day’s Journey Into Night at the Arena Stage and performed at the Guthrie and other theatrical venues as well.
  • Deadpan character actor famous for his geeky, bespectacled loser, most notably on TV and, more recently, film.
  • He is a passionate hobby chess player.

Personal Quotes by Rainn Wilson

The great challenge working on this show for me is wearing polyester all day long and having the worst haircut known to man at the top of my head and sitting under fluorescent lights. That is America, people. Polyester, bad haircuts, under fluorescent lights.

- Rainn Wilson

My brain is so anxiety-prone, like a pinball machine. If I don’t get up in the morning and focus my thinking, my breathing, and my being for about 12 minutes, I’m just a screwball all day long.

- Rainn Wilson

My dad wanted to name me after Rainier Maria Rilke, the poet.

- Rainn Wilson

What’s interesting is the show allows for the awkward pauses to be captured, which makes it stylistically unique, especially for American audiences.

- Rainn Wilson

I have an eight-year-old child, and I literally can’t wrap my mind around the kind of grief that must be felt when you lose a child.

- Rainn Wilson