Rebecca Romijn Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Rebecca Romijn Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Rebecca Alie Romijn was born on November 6, 1972 in Berkeley, California. Her father was Dutch-born and worked as a custom-furniture maker. Her mother was American-born, with Dutch and English ancestry, and was a teacher of English. Rebecca attended Berkeley High School where her nickname was the “Jolly Blond Giant”, then she attended the University of California at Santa Cruz where she majored in Music, but left in 1995.


Interesting Facts about Rebecca Romijn

  • Has appeared in five movies based on Marvel comic book characters: X-Men (2000), X-Men 2 (2003), The Punisher (2004), X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), and X-Men: First Class (2011).
  • Named #80 on “Maxim: magazine’s “Hot 100 of 2005” list.
  • Married her fiancĂ© of a year, Jerry O’Connell in a surprise backyard ceremony. The couple exchanged vows in front of 100 family and friends who thought that they had been invited to a barbecue.
  • Born on the same date as Thandie Newton.
  • Delivered her twins Dolly and Charlie via Caesarean section.
  • When she was young her parents didn’t have much money, so she had to shop at a thrift store called Value Village. She still shops at thrift stores.
  • In 1997 was voted “GQ” Magazine’s Woman of the Year.
  • In 1997 and 1999 was voted one of “People” Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People.
  • Appeared as Adrienne Barker, Dennis Finch’s girlfriend (and later wife), on several episodes of Just Shoot Me! (1997) in 1999 and early 2000. During one scene for that show, Adrienne voices her contempt at Finch’s obsession with science-fiction movies, and he retorts that she’d do anything for a part in one of those movies. In July 2000 she did have a part in such a movie, appearing as Mystique in X-Men (2000).
  • Has not kept in touch or spoken to former husband John Stamos since their divorce.
  • She got her first job at age 16 in her hometown of Berkeley, CA, at a gourmet poultry store cutting up dead chickens.
  • Announced her engagement to Jerry O’Connell in September 2005.

Personal Quotes by Rebecca Romijn

Yes. I’ve been asked to pose nude, but I never have, and I probably never will.

- Rebecca Romijn

Sexy at the millennium means having a solid sense of self but never taking yourself too seriously.

- Rebecca Romijn

I think we felt the pressure more at first than this time around. But still you don’t want to let anyone down. I never even met Patrick until we had a Christmas party at Ian McKellen’s house on the first movie and then I didn’t see him again until the premiere.

- Rebecca Romijn

It’s pronounced ‘Romaine’, like the lettuce.

- Rebecca Romijn

Eating apples is good on so many levels. There’s fiber in the skin that’s really good for you. It helps with digestion and helps you absorb all the nutrients of everything you’ve eaten that day. Apples are a really good thing.

- Rebecca Romijn