Rick Fox Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Rick Fox Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Born in Toronto, Rick Fox moved to the Bahamas when he was very young. His father is Afro-Bahamian, and his mother, who is Canadian, is of Italian and Scottish descent. Rick went to Warsaw Indiana high school as an exchange student and played basketball there. A complaint was filed about his eligibility and it was ruled one of his earlier years in the Bahamas was equivalent to a year of high school. As a result, he was banned from playing his senior year. To keep himself sharp and in playing shape, he still practiced with the team every day. Majored in radio, television, and motion picture sciences and played college basketball at UNC, where he left as the all-time school steals leader and games played leader. Upon graduating, he was selected 24th overall in the NBA Draft by the Boston Celtics. After several seasons with the Celtics, he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers partly due to its proximity to Hollywood and his interest in acting. While with the Lakers, he helped them win an NBA Championship as a versatile role-player.


Interesting Facts about Rick Fox

  • Born on exactly the same date as Jennifer “J-Lo” Lopez.
  • Has a son, Kyle, by college sweetheart Kari Hillsman.
  • Became the first Boston Celtics rookie to start on opening night since Larry Bird in 1979.
  • Wears #17 for the Lakers for two reasons. He said that while with the Celtics, he entered training camp every year with the goal of helping them win their 17th NBA Championship. Another reason for wearing the number is due to the comparisons to Celtic great John Havlicek.
  • Starting small forward for LA Lakers [January 2002]
  • Has a younger sister, Jeanene Fox, famous for her sarcastic role as “La Filippona” on the prime-time Italian Television Show Striscia la notizia (1988).
  • Friends with Shaquille O’Neal.
  • Was in a relationship with Eliza Dushku from 2009 to 2014.
  • Scored 6,000th career point [5 April 1999]
  • Daughter, Sasha Fox, with Vanessa Williams, was born 1 May 2000.
  • Worked with acting coach Peter Kelley.
  • He was introduced to his former wife Vanessa Williams by then-girlfriend, supermodel Tyra Banks. When his romance with Banks ended, Fox and Williams began dating.

Personal Quotes by Rick Fox

Rita got the best of us. We took quite a beating. It’s going to take a while to come back from this.

- Rick Fox

Since I left basketball, and my wife, it’s been a glorious feast of lovemaking.

- Rick Fox

Everything I’ve always done has been for the sole purpose of increasing my lovemaking output. A lot of guys won’t admit that, but I do. I just want to make love.

- Rick Fox

Let me read you some of my poetry. My poetry just takes me to another level.

- Rick Fox

You don’t want to get me started about apple martinis and the affect they have on my lovemaking. I might just throw you down and make some love to you right here and now.

- Rick Fox