Rick Ness Net Worth

Rick Ness Net Worth: How Much is the Gold Rush Star Worth?

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Rick Ness is a former musician and currently a gold miner who is seen on Discovery Channel’s popular reality TV show “Gold Rush”. As of 2018, Rick Ness net worth is estimated to be $600,000.

Born on March 5, 1981 in Milwaukee, Rick Ness started his career as a musician working in a band. In 2004 he opened the group called “357 string band” along with 4 other members. During his 7 years of musical career, he managed to record 3 albums and toured in more than 10 countries.

Prior to that, during his college years, he was a football fan. He was a part of his college football team but an injury hindered his path to become a professional football player. It was during one of his musical tours, Rick met Parker Schnabel. Parker convinced him to join on his team and after 9 months Rick became a part of the show.

Rick Ness joined the Gold Rush show from the 3rd season. The show is currently on the 8th season. Rick says that he would watch the show but didn’t think that he will be part of the show one day. He had some knowledge of operating the Heavy machinery as his family was involved in the same business. He is one of the important members of the team where he works as a rock truck operator and as an excavator.

There was also some dispute between the Rick and Parker in the show. Parker told his superior that Rick is not co-operative and had even refused to shake his hand. He accused Rick of being so comfortable and is not ready to work in some hard conditions. But despite, the dispute he has not left the show.

Rick Ness Net Worth: $600,000

Interesting Facts about Rick Ness