Robert Kyncl Net Worth

Robert Kyncl Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

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Robert Kyncl is the current Chief Business Officer at YouTube. He is the main man overseeing the business aspects of operations for one of the biggest technology company running today.

Here are some interesting facts about Kyncl:

1. Robert Kyncl net worth is still under review

Robert Kyncl net worth is not available at the moment but what we know is that he is massively rich. Kyncl is one of the main men behind regulating the cash flow of a Billion-dollar business. Therefore, it is no doubt that he has a salary that is definitely in the range of millions. As YouTube does not disclose this number, it is hard to put a number down but looking at the scale of the position.

His purchasing power can be seen as he bought a $7.6 million home in Hancock Park back in 2014. This luxurious villa that spreads around a massive 7800 square feet area has a five-bedroom residence, a pool, a library and eight fireplaces. Among the luxuries under it also include a theater room and a bar.

Generally, the executives behind the sales and marketing of a company are the highest earning employees. Kyncl has a big say in the direction that YouTube is going to go in terms of commercial value in the next couple of years and definitely has stock options and bonuses as per his performance.

2. He worked for 7 years at Netflix

Kyncl held the position of Vice President of Content Acquisitions at Netflix. This was during a time when Netflix was growing at an exponential rate and he played a major role in landing some great content for the show for streaming movies and TV shows in the internet.

Netflix highly appreciated the results he brought for the company whilst he was there for this specific reason. Eventually, Netflix was able to win the heart of the majority of entertainment enthusiasts and is the reason why it has a multi-billion dollar valuation set today.

3. He has written two books

Kyncl definitely has experience in the field of media. His expertise lies in how the modern man is going to view content over the Internet. He has showcased his performance for Netflix in the past and is trying his best at YouTube as well.

He has been a part of Google for more than 7 years now. Kyncl has inside-knowledge about where it is that we are heading towards in the field of media and to pass some of his knowledge to the general people, he has written two successful books.

They are Streampunks: YouTube and the Rebels Remaking Media. The latter one has been talked about a lot among visionaries as it showcases the disruption that is taking place as we speak and the huge changes that are to come in the near future.

4. Knycl has won several accolades

Kyncl has a large collection of awards and honors that he has accumulated throughout his career as an executive. He was included in Adweek’s “Top 50 Execs Who Make the Wheels Turn”. He was also included in Billboard’s International Power Players List in 2014.

He has also been referred to as a “Disruptor” by Variety for its 2012 Dealmakers Impact Report. That same year he was also honored with the Heart and Humanity Champion Award by CoachArt, which is a local non profit that provides arts and athletic lessons for children with chronic and life threatening illnesses.

5. Kyncl talked about the Logan Paul controversy with Casey Neistat.

Recently in February of 2018, Kyncl appeared in famous YouTuber Casey Neistat’s channel where he addressed some critical issues facing the company. 2018 has not been the brightest of years for YouTube who were met with controversy after Logan Paul posted a video which showcased the dead body of a suicide victim in Japan.

He explained that a report from YouTube’s report was late because they didn’t want to quickly take swift action for the original-production works that they are scheduled to do. He explained how it is not only Logan’s partnership with YouTube Red that is at stake but also hundreds of employees working on the production whose paychecks are at stake.

Because of some of YouTube’s new monetization policies a lot of the creators have raised questions. He explained how there is now a policy which allows monetization to only channels which have more than 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 hours of combined watch time in their videos to assure the Advertisers about the situation of their ads.

Interesting Facts about Robert Kyncl