Simply Nailogical Net Worth

Simply Nailogical Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

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Most of the girls search beauty hacks related videos on the YouTube. If you do then Simply Nailogical is not a new name for you. Simply Nailogical is popular YouTube and Instagram star whose real name is Christine Rotenberg. She is famous among girls who loves nail art. Her videos are basically nail art tutorial.

Simply Nailogical launched her first channel in June, 2014. In her initial phase she focused on short nail art video which were less than a minute long. After some popularity she started making longer tutorial of nail art.

Here are some facts about Simply Nailogical :

1. Simply Nailogical net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

As of 2018, Simply Nailogical net worth is around $2 million. As a YouTube and Instagram star it is obvious that she earns most of her money from YouTube. Her videos gets million views which had helped her to earn the money. Most of the girls wants to make her nails beautiful so they follow her instructions and make their nails gorgeous.

As a popular YouTuber Simply Nailogical’s primary channel has over 5 million subscribers, whereas her secondary channel has over 1.8 million subscribers. Combining, her two channels have over 840 million views and 6.6 million subscribers.

2. Simply Nailogical is an employee of Canadian Government.

Making nail art tutorial is not just her day to day work. She works as an employee in the Canadian Government where her post is crime statistics analyst. Despite working in a serious job she still likes to dress up well and keeps her nails nice and painted. She has been doing nail art since she was in high school.

3. Simply Nailogical has amazing personality.

Despite being such a bold YouTube star Christine standout the most grounded YouTube personalities you will ever meet. She has around 335 nail clean containers and says that her most loved shading is blue. She is an incredible multitasker and finds time between her office work, for arranging occasions, and running a super amazing YouTube channel.

Christine is a good example to numerous youngsters out there and her fan following on different online networking stages to do what you like. She is a star who is climbing the step of achievement and many more to go in future.

4. Simply Nailogical is animal lover.

Simply Nailogical lives a beautiful life apart from YouTube and her work. She likes to spend time with animals in her leisure time. She is a big animal lover who owns two cats whom she treat as her babies. She cares him like mother and cuddles with them to make them happy. Not only this she loves shopping, going out for movies with her boyfriend.

5. Simply Nailogical also has good academic qualification.

28 years old Christine is citizen of country Canada. She was born on October 17, 1988 and is also brilliant student who has done Masters degree in Sociology with a major in Criminology. Due to this qualification she is now in a post of crime statistics analyst under Canadian Government.

Interesting Facts about Simply Nailogical