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Steve Cortes

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Steve Cortes is a Market strategist and founder of Veracruz LLC. He is also the regular contributor on Fox News, Bloomberg Business and CNBC.

Originally, Steve is of Colombian descent. His father grew up in the San Jose region in Colombia in 1930s. Along with his family, Steve moved to Indiana, United States to start his studies. He grew up in Southside Chicago, Illinois and attended Georgetown University in California and graduated in 1994. He was a talented student during his time at college. He even played American football for his University team and was nominated for a Rhodes scholarship.

Steve who is also known by his nickname as “El Capitan” started his career in financial markets in 1994 as a government bonds salesman for Prudential Financial Inc. After that, he began trading independently and founded VeraCruz LLC in 2002.VeraCruz provides fundamental analytics and daily commentaries on US equity and fixed income markets. Some of the clients includes: Sovereign Wealth Funds, Wall St. Dealers and Hedge Funds.

He is also the chief strategist for BGC Partners. For the last two decades, he has worked on Wall Street as a trader and strategist. He resides in Chicago with his wife and four children.

Steve Cortes also provides powerful voice appearing at various conventions and conferences. He is also a regular contributor on news channel like CNBC, Fox News and Bloomberg Business. Steve is also a supporter of President Donald Trump. He worked with Trump on 2016 Presidential Campaign.