Steve Howey Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Steve Howey Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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From nuanced and honest portrayals of fatherhood-gone-wild across the eighth season of Showtime’s EMMY® Award-nominated series Shameless to palpable intensity on the likes of Sons of Anarchy, Steve Howey reflects a classic masculinity on-screen equally steeped in humor and heart. That timeless leading man spark and quiet strength remain signatures of the acclaimed actor, writer, producer, and entrepreneur. “When you see guys like Jackie Gleason or Steve McQueen on-screen, they represent real men-in all of their tragedy and triumph,” he says. “It’s the humor of Gleason in The Honeymooners and raw grit of McQueen, which both made a big impact on me at a young age. That’s what I grew up on, and it’s the kind of presence I always aspired to be.” Sailing the high seas up and down the Pacific Coast with his Navy veteran dad and mom, the San Antonio-born talent enjoyed the sort of upbringing that inspires unforgettable performances. He can recall diving for bottle caps off the coast of Mexico to trade them in for candy at local markets at eight-years-old between other real adventures. Achieving a basketball scholarship to junior college in Colorado, he played two seasons before pursuing his calling as an actor. He would go from Something Borrowed alongside Kate Hudson, Jon Krasinski, and Ginnifer Goodwin to Bride Wars where he re-teamed with Hudson, Anne Hathaway, and Chris Pratt to Supercross, Losing Control, Unleashed, In Your Eyes, and See You in Valhalla. 2017 sees him grace the screen in the NETFLIX comedy Game Over, Man! and Making Babies where he leads the cast opposite Eliza Coupe. Beyond Shameless, he’s engaged audiences with high-profile guest spots on Jennifer Falls, New Girl, Psych, and more in addition to a six-year run on Reba. “I always want to challenge myself,” he goes on. “I’m never content just to pursue one style or art form. It’s about forging ahead in new adventures at every turn.” He continues to expand his sphere of influence. Profiled in-depth by the likes of Men’s Fitness, People, Hollywood Reporter, and more, he’s amassed over 900K Instagram followers as a true fan favorite. He’s in the midst of writing and developing various projects in addition to joining Opkix as a key investor. You might also find him riding his motorcycle, studying martial arts, coaching new talent, and competitive shooting. Residing in Los Angeles, the role he devotes himself most to is husband and father.

Interesting Facts about Steve Howey

  • Has played Kate Hudson’s love interest in 2 films: Bride Wars (2009) and Something Borrowed (2011).
  • Son of director Bill Howey.
  • His son William Wolf Howey was born on July 9, 2009 with his estranged wife Sarah Shahi.
  • Steve Howey won a basketball scholarship to a Colorado junior college, but soon turned his attention to acting.
  • Worked as a waiter at the Littleton, Colorado restaurant, “Grady’s American Grill”, in the late 1990s.
  • Steve Howey’s parents raised him on sailboats along the Pacific Coast.
  • Steve Howey’s hobbies include riding dirt bikes, playing poker and visiting the shooting range.
  • Steve Howey, who plays Kevin Ball, played Reba McEntire’s son-in-law on her series “Reba” and appeared in the music video for her song “Every Other Weekend.” Steve Howey (Kevin Ball) is married to actress Sarah Shahi (“Person of Interest,” “Reverie”), with whom he has three children, including twins.
  • A father of twins on Shameless (2011), Howey later became a father of twins in real life with his estranged wife Sarah Shahi.
  • Steve Howey is the son of longtime acting coach Bill Howey, with whom Steve studied.
  • For Steve Howey’s 40th birthday in 2017, his then-wife Sarah Shahi threw him a surprise party on a yacht, with his Shameless (2011) cast mates in attendance.
  • Steve Howey volunteers for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization that assists hospitalized children and their families.

Personal Quotes by Steve Howey

Getting into shape helped get me into a better mood, and when I’m in a better mood, I’m funnier. My general attitude is better.

- Steve Howey

The older you get, the easier it is to get injured. But what I’ve learned the hard way is that the more excess weight you have, the more likely you are to get injured doing everyday things.

- Steve Howey

There is this idea in comedy that you don’t want to look like you care about your appearance because that takes away from what’s real, what’s important. And the real stuff is what’s funny.

- Steve Howey

When I don’t feel like working out, lifting weights or doing serious cardio, the best thing for me to do is just go on the treadmill and walk. I walk and listen to music and 10 minutes will go by, then 15, and then I’ll speed up a bit. Once my blood really starts flowing, I’ll get a second wind and then I want to work out.

- Steve Howey

The least amount of info actors get, the better. Actors are always like, ‘What is my motivation for this?’ You didn’t write it. Just say the lines.

- Steve Howey