Tarek El Moussa Net Worth

Tarek El Moussa Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

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Young and Handsome Tarek El Moussa is an American businessman, real estate agent and television personality. As a television personality, he is well known for his work on the HGTV program named “Flip or Flop“. This show began, airing in 2013 with his ex-wife Christina Meursinge Haack as his co-star and since then it is one of the most successful reality show which educates viewers about the real estate.

He is also known as the businessman who is the owner of the real estate agency “Tarek and Christina: The EL Moussa Group” which is located in Orange Country, California.

Here are some facts about Tarek EL Moussa :

1. Tarek EL Moussa Net Worth is estimated to be $ 4 Million

As of 2018, Tarek El Moussa net worth is around $ 4 Million. As a businessman, Tarek had made money through his brilliant business mind. Owning a real estate agency is not a easy work, hard work is essential to do anything which he has. He had made the profit from his estate agency which is the outcome of his dedication.

Handsome host Tarek who runs the popular program ‘Flip or flop ‘ get a vigorous amount of salary for each episode and as of now, the series is in the 7th season.

2. Tarek EL Moussa’s television career was by chance.

Tarek had never excepted to be in the television show. He was so busy with his real estate that television was not even in his mind. A television show is the last thing which he had ever imagined.

Interestingly, the tv show which he is doing is related to real estate which is his keen interest. The related topic might be coincidence but this might be also the reason for the success of the program. He started the tv show without any experience but hosted with perfection.

3. He started working at very young age.

Young talented Tarek got his real estate license at the age of 21. He started his career as a real state at a very young age. This shows his passion and dedication towards his future. He is the inspiration for the youngsters who want to start their own business at the young age.

In 2008, stock market crash which also affected the real estate industry. Due to this reason, he suffered a great financial loss but he didn’t get panic and worked in the real estate industry again.

4. He believes in healthy living

Like other celebrities, Tarek also believes in living healthy. Having healthy food and exercise helps us to be fit and defense various diseases. Living healthy makes us active which is important for our daily life.

Tarek always posts photos of the healthy food which have daily. This also influences others to have healthy food. When he moved into his house, he even made fabulous gym to work out and get fit.

5. Tarek EL Moussa is a responsible father.

Tarek and Christina filed for divorce earlier this year. Lovebirds got married in 2009 after dating a year. In both good times and bad times they have supported each other but now they have decided to separate.

Though they are not living together, they are committed to raising their two kids together. This shows he is a responsible father. Not only this, both are still doing the tv show Flip and Flop.

Interesting Facts about Tarek El Moussa