Tilda Swinton Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Tilda Swinton Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Below is a compiled list of the most interesting facts about Tilda Swinton. Check it out!

The iconoclastic gifts of the visually striking and fiercely talented actress Tilda Swinton have been appreciated by a more international audience of late.

Interesting Facts about Tilda Swinton

  • Was the 131st actress to receive an Academy Award; she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Michael Clayton (2007) at The 80th Annual Academy Awards (2008) on February 24, 2008.
  • Moscow, Russia: Risked arrest waving a rainbow flag in front of the Kremlin in violation of Russia’s new homosexual propaganda bill, and posting it widely in social media. [July 2013]
  • Contributed vocals on four tracks of the album ‘The Bachelor’ by glam-goth-folk singer/songwriter Patrick Wolf.
  • Daughter of Major-General Sir John Swinton of Clan Swinton, whose ancestral home has been within the family since the 9th century.
  • While at Cambridge University, she appeared in student productions of plays such as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “The Duchess of Malfi” and “The Comedy of Errors”.
  • Was offered to play Prof. Sybil Trelawney on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), but role went to Emma Thompson.
  • Member of the ‘Official Competition’ jury at the 55th Venice International Film Festival in 1998.
  • Is good friends with Amy Schumer.
  • Has appeared in three films with George Clooney: Michael Clayton (2007), Burn After Reading (2008) and Hail, Caesar! (2016).
  • Appeared on the cover of the Autumm/Winter 2015 issue of AnOther Magazine, but not as herself, instead she appeared as her character in A Bigger Splash (2015), Marianne Lane. In a work of fiction co-authored by Swinton, Glenn O’Brien, Luca Guadagnino and David Kajganich, Marianne Lane gave an interview for the magazine based around events in the film.
  • Initially, she didn’t want to do A Bigger Splash (2015). Not this movie nor others, due to the recent death of her mother, she ended up changing her mind and at a moment in her own life when she was all out of words, she proposed the idea of this woman unable to speak.
  • In her acceptance speech, she said she would give the Oscar she won for Michael Clayton (2007) to her agent Brian Swardstrom.

Personal Quotes by Tilda Swinton

For a lot of actors, there’s a sort of code of honor around playing something other than yourself, which I just don’t have. I love feeling like I’m – I won’t even say acting out, but performing in some deep seam of my consciousness or my family’s consciousness or my past. That’s really amusing to me.

- Tilda Swinton

There is something insane about a lack of doubt. Doubt – to me, anyway – is what makes you human, and without doubt, even the righteous lose their grip, not only on reality but also on their humanity.

- Tilda Swinton

I always think of the word ‘abandonment’ when I think of the character.

- Tilda Swinton

I wasn’t around when Nic was playing Donald. I was around with Charlie.

- Tilda Swinton